Green Goddess Pasta | vegan + gluten-free recipe

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#veganuary ♡ Since its January, I wanted to make a nice green recipe packed with nutrients- BUT it’s also super cold here so instead of making a salad, I thought why not make a super green pasta instead! Recipe below.

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Silvia Hernandez says:

Great video! And I love your idea about naming this pasta Tinkerer Bell or Hulk pasta! I love all your recipes💜

Royal Vamps says:

What brand of pasta do you use that is a good vegan pasta?

Wad ko says:

What flavor does the nutritional yeast bring? Is it mandatory? Love your videos 😉

Éloïse Chartrand says:

Where did you get your pots? I loveeee them

앙뇽 says:

Can i skip yeast and use soymilk??

Lina Strindlund says:

But you shouldn´t heat spinach more than once! 🙁 It can get poison. :/ But maybe you dont heat it so much? 🙂

Valerie says:

What the heck! This looks delicious, definitely noting today. Always love finding more plant based recipes so I stay on track. Thanks for sharing this miss and loving the greens!

arteisia calvin says:

Love that cookware, what is the brand???

Jamie Cee49 says:

I love peas and pasta. Never thought of making it like that. I think I will have to try that. Looks easy and simple. 🙂 I love how relaxing you are making your videos and those candles next to the wall.

Linda W says:

Tried it today and it was amazing! The sauce was so creamy and delicious!

Noelia Hernández says:

Made it, loved it. Thank you!

Alexandra Corrine says:

Definitely going to have to try this out this week for dinner! 🤗🌿

Ant V says:

I’ve just made it and it has been one of the best pasta I had in a while 😍😍

lizzie v says:

hii liv, how to store the remaining pasta sauce??? Apparently I couldn't finish all the sauce and there's quite a lot left…
btw nice recipe!! <3

Gabrielle Degollado says:

Where did you get your pans?

Ethereal Eyes says:

I decided to make this for dinner with red lentil pasta and that stuff was sooooooo goooooood! I didn’t expect it to be this tasty. Definitely will be making it again

Anna says:

Is the coconut milk the ones you can use for cereal or is it the coconut milk used in curries that you find in a can? x

AlwaysEating Death says:

Looks amazing, definitely trying this out. And yes I agree with the fresh herbs thing, I never buy them now cause I feel so bad wasting them. Dried herbs all the way for me, until I can grow my own herbs

sarah says:

what kind of pasta are u using?
because the title says gluten-free ☺️

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