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Today we are eating a giant creamy vegan pasta bake. Omg this was amazing!! This cheesy, creamy pasta bake is something you want in your life for sure! 😉 I hope you enjoy 🙂

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Please grab your favorite meal and eat with me, or just sit back and enjoy the eating show and watch me eat.


Jennifer Edlund says:

I want to gag when I see you eat all that cilantro. Nastiest herb ever.

Olive sawyer says:

I did that with chips

Karina Nunez says:

Do you have a vaginitis

DR. MORSE greek wellville says:

That's why fermented veggies invented, to help you digest all these incompatible foods we eat 🙂 It's like a cheat

Aysem D. says:

Ieuww garlic 🤢🤮

Khadra Saleh says:

Wow how can she eat that much,I’m so mysterious this is when I didn’t eat for four days I’ll probably finish this..girl how you eating but you still this thin and skinny…?give me an answer

Isaac Smith says:

We call cilantro, coriander here (Australia), its interesting that different countries call the same thing a different name

Mobs bowl hair cut says:

Look how happy she looks here? Compare her to the new videos.. she looks sad

John John says:

Looks delicious

christilyn sims says:

I hate how she talks 😂

Rhi Rhi says:

Oh my God the chickpea pasta is the best

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