Fat, Gluten, & Sugar-Free Vegan Cookie Recipes : Vegan Desserts

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Not all cookies are high in things like fat, gluten and sugar – or even contain these things at all. Make fat, gluten and sugar free vegan cookies from a great recipe with help from a published cookbook author in this free video clip.

Expert: Elizabeth Frayne
Contact: elizabethfrayne.com
Bio: Elizabeth Frayne is an author of a book called, “ADHD to Clarity, Recipes for Health.”
Filmmaker: Mark May

Series Description: It isn’t difficult to adopt a healthy vegan lifestyle right in your very own home. Get tips on cooking a wide variety of different delicious vegan desserts with help from a published cookbook author in this free video series.


Gizel raw made simple says:

So bad video 😏

Tennessse Timmy says:

She lookin' good

Finding Our Best says:

do you chill them, dry them or bake them??

FrootKat says:

Great recipe! 🙂

AidanOS6 says:

this recipe changed my life, before this my willy didn't go past my vagina, but now it can touch my ankles on a cold day.

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