EVERYTHING i eat in a week as a vegan college student (online school) !! πŸ₯ž

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a whole week of epic eats 😎 btw click here to try Verb for only 95’ !!! http://cen.yt/verbenergyurmomashley

we made boba cake: https://youtu.be/xlPAq3Isvw4
HEALTHY VEGAN RECIPES I eat all the time: https://youtu.be/lGJu3Vb7b7o
BACK TO SCHOOL HAUL: https://youtu.be/hgdxWO83vZA

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^ it’s on sale rn!

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Jackie Portillo says:

can your mom just make a channel and show me how to cook because I am incompetent πŸ˜€

ollebolle909 says:

Your boyfriend looks like Bellamy from the 100 !

Kayli May says:

Just found your channel. Such a cute video πŸ₯°πŸ‘πŸΌ

Matthew Tran says:

I thought this was just a what I eat in a day and was like wow Ashley be eatin a lot of meals but not judgemental vibes

Melody Ng says:

wait i never knew people eat grapes like that!

Alexandra KovΓ‘cs says:

why you have Ko Ko Bop in here Ashley

lenai tmp says:

I thought I heard β€œKo Ko Bop” …

A F says:


J. Doe says:

great video! just so you know its best to refer to pineapple pizza as just that! Hawaiian pizza is not actually related to Hawaii in any way and not something created by Hawaiians

Natalia Scott says:

Omg your boyfriend looks like Bellamy from the 100! I love these food vids makes me inspired to eat a lil more healthy

Grace Chen says:

Ashley, you're my favorite youtuber ilysm

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