Epic Low Fat Vegan Nachos – Badass Vegan Kitchen

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Get the recipe here – http://www.rawtillwhenever.com/bad-ass-vegan-nachos/
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High Carb Hannah says:

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Amber P says:

Which version do you like better? This one or the potato based sauce?

Karen Thai says:

Hi Hannah, I notice you use hemp seeds for a lot of your cooking. Just wondering what the purpose of it and if there is a substitute? Thanks.

Tatianna Moragne says:

Could you make this sauce with an immersion blender ??

mainechild says:

Can I sub chia seeds for hemp in your recipes? I still have a huge bottle of chia. :O)

The LionTess says:

I like how you made this recipe video. Short & sweet. Definitely going to try this nacho cheez sauce! Thank you!♡

Delany Harley says:

What brand of nutritional yeast do you use??

Lori Darling says:

holy shitballs Batman that cheese sauce is the f*ing bomb…haven't made the nachos yet working on the badass burrito!! nachos next! thx girl I'm in Mexican heaven lol!!

M J says:

I don't know what it is in the US. But here in EU every kind of "processed product" like this corn breads. are loaded with oil, salt and sugar, even the fiber ones. I think you guys have some like 95% corn stuff right?

Holisticliving Radhika says:

I tried your popcorn idea of sprinkling jalapeño pickle water instead of lemon on the tortilla and the chips turned out awesome!

Jigglypoop97 says:

You sound like Pam from The Office.

the Vegan mechanic says:

loooooooks amazing

Brigid P. says:

Looks amazing!!

Malekia says:

Can you substitute nutritional yeast for something else? I don't know if I have nutritional yeast in my area.

corsican lulu says:

can u ses any other seeds besides hemp for the cheese?

Riseandshine says:

Made these tonight and WOW!! The nachos itself were amazing..so flavourful!!! The cheese sauce was the BOMB

First Love says:


Vegan Design says:

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Jama Ka Sijadu says:

I'm assuming the temperature is in Fahrenheit?

maria bronowski says:

Can I make this without hemp seeds or is there any alternative to hemp seeds?
I have no idea (at all) where i could buy that stuff in Germany :/

btw. this recipe looks really delicious..

Melanin Queen says:

how long did you have chips in oven

NASA says:

why do all vegans have pink salt??

Pescatarian Pantheist says:

I bet this tastes so fresh! I need to invest in nutritional yeast…

ChaseliketheBank 420 says:

between these tortilla chips and the oven fries, you have saved my life. Thank you!!!!

A14BYT says:

Made the nacho cheese sauce this evening (to go in the burritos (also from your channel) and OMG I am speechless!!!!! It is out of this world!!!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing this X

PCY BBH says:

i need this in my life.

TheOther says:

Can't find Nutritional Yeast, is that the same thing as nutritional yeast flakes???

Alien says:

thanks for the nut free cheese

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