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We recently spent a week in the woods making wood fired pizza and we are in love with the process. Pizza is incredibly easy to make and you can really pack some serious flavours into it! Please give it a go and if you’d like us to delve into the complexities and a more intricate approach to really mastering the pizza let us know in the comments!

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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rdz rdz says:

i just had pizza but now i wanna move to ireland..

Lee James Broadwood says:

Can I use cornflour?? o.O

Pablo Lopez says:

You can make a lovely cashew mozzarella, so it'll still be dairy free but you won't miss the "cheese"

Sanda T says:

I would much rather have the food you guys cook be delivered 😩😍

Akhil G says:

That looks like focaccia not pizza!

cookytrix says:

clean your hands after kneading! jesus how annoying. also, veggies are 100% better on a pizza if lightly sauteed first. unless you make calzone. they get steamed in there. and why cant we eat pizza every day? are you a raw fooder or something. wheat flour is the only questionable thing. and not that bad.

Shattering The Matrix says:

This is a much healthier version of pizza considering there is no cheese, vegan or otherwise. I never even thought of not using cheese so I like this idea.

Sree Sowmya Tumuluru says:

Thank you for this amazing pizza recipe!

limp says:


Bryan says:

Haha! at first i thought in the beginning of the video those brown lumps were meat!

Christopher says:

…Play Doh is what in Ireland?

Unicorn Sparkle Tigers says:

Mmm I just love pizza it is just yummy I love how the crust I like so crunchy I love everything on the pizza even the crust. I just love pizza🍕 it tastes so yummy

محمد أشرف says:

ينقصها جبن الموتزاريلا

Kevin Garcia says:

What possessed someone to make vegan pizza

caberwikijack says:

I don't know man. Where's the tarantulas?

Satan is my Slave says:

Where is cheese ?

Behabtwa says:

so random, but back in the day in addis ababa during fasting weeks, a pizzeria served vegan pizza. with cabbage on top. ive tried to recreate it but failed. it was bomb! aw the good old days.
thanks for the recipe (and a trip down memory lane 😉

RD says:

With all due respect, it's not actually a pizza, it's just baked vegetables with extra gluten.

PS: vegetarian

Ella Mahalia says:

making now 🙂

Carlos Marte says:

What do Europeans call zucchini? I clearly saw one, but he never mentioned it. This might be another eggplant/aubergine situation.

Edit: The thing he’s cutting at 7:31

yelnats61 says:

Knocking it back. In US we call that punching it down.

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