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– Chipotle pepper 1/2
– Pasilla pepper 1/2
– Ancho pepper 1/2
– Guajillo pepper 1/2
– Cashews 1/3 cup
– Dark chocolate 2 tablets
– Almonds 1/3 cup
– Cinnamon 1/2 of a stick
– Sesame seeds 2 Tbsp
– Raisins 1/3 cup
– Anise 1/4 Tsp
– Plantain 1
– Corn Tortillas 3
– Salt to taste

– Hibiscus flower 2 cups (add sugar and salt to taste)
– Portobello 1
– Spinach 2 cups
– Potato 1

Water used: Between 1.8L to 2L


Olga Montalvo says:

I made this recipe today. I was intrigued with using jamaica flowers as a meat sub! This was my first time making mole with chocolate – I used Ibarra brand which comes in a thick cake (unlike chocolate in the video) so I had to do a lot of taste testing as I went along…ended up using about 1/4 cake of Ibarra, about 1TBS raw cane sugar for sweetner, no almonds so I used about 3 TBS organic peanut butter, no whole chipotle so I used +/- 1 tsp ground chipotle . Never worked with Jamaica flowers before…they required A LOT of rinsing because they had a bit of sandy grit. For future I will separate flowers into small batches of 1/2 c soak first then agitate vigorously under water and rinse to remove any grit before boiling in fresh water x2. Cooked flower texture was somewhat like jack fruit. End result of making this recipe was DELICIOUS!! Muchas gracias Raw Boy & Familia!! <3 <3

Pickles0711 says:

No, No don't use metal utensils  when cooking on non-stick. You'll ruin the pan.

Christian Garcia says:

I just made this and I’ve never had it with chocolate idk might of added to much spices or Chile’s or I just don’t like it mabe plantian over ripe or a little burn chilles idk I was not satisfied with it

J3n Pho says:

Que bonita tu Mami! ❤

JaneDoe says:

Omg thank u thank u thank u!!!! I love ur channel! As a fellow Mexican it's hard to find alternatives for Mexican vegan dishes and ur channel gives me liiiiife!💕🤗 I've subscribed and look fwd to all ur goodies!💕🤗💕 Much love from Southwest AZ 🤗

Teresa Hernandez says:

Very yummmie..thank you I caramelized some onion and bell pepper to add to my tacos

computertips2013 says:

How much sugar?

Silvia Irene Lopez Cruz says:

Yo le agrego canela, pimienta ajo y tomate para la pasta y sabe delicioso. La vez pasada en lugar de caldo de pollo le diluí con caldo de garbanzo y quedó súper ricoooo =) El mole es mi platillo favorito en la vida 😍

Olivia Lopez Perez says:

Mexican food Mmmmm😋😋😋😋😋😚😙

stkbkr1 says:

I really like your channel and your shirt. Rock on!!!

k k says:

Haha ethnic people dont lie about how food taste

Scuanga Nation says:

I’m so happy there’s a vegan mole recipe out there. Can’t wait to try this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Melanie Ceren Ruiz says:

Ok that looks soo good

Janet Carter says:

Your mama is adorable!

White Rabbit Illustrations says:

Until golden brown

Mmmm Gggg says:

Has anyone tried it??? Please let me know!!

Lunna Wonka says:

Me gusta mas en español

Alba Olivas says:

I’m in Mexico right now and I forgot to bring jackfruit for tamales but hopefully this video saves the day. I’m going to use Flor de Jamaica and I’m very much hoping it’ll work out like in this video. Thanks for the idea!

Dy Lon says:

Highly underrated channel!

Hope Rose says:

If I had a crap load of money I’d hire you to be my family’s personal chef and make us all these vegan recipes!!!! Definitely going to try this!

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