Easy Vegan Desserts that EVERYONE Can Enjoy! 🍫

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Here are 3 easy vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and chocolatey dessert recipes that everyone can enjoy! Get 20% off your online purchase from Enjoy Life Foods using code “FREEFROM17” here: http://bit.ly/ELF20
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• Chocolate Covered Cherry Truffles = http://frommybowl.com/chocolate-covered-cherry-truffles/ ‎
• Double Chocolate Chip Cookies = http://frommybowl.com/double-chocolate-chip-cookies/
• Sea Salt Chocolate Fudge Squares =
– ½ cup Sunflower Butter
– ½ cup Enjoy Life Foods Mega Chunks, Melted
– Pinch of Sea Salt
– Directions: Combine the Sunflower Butter and Melted Chocolate together in a large bowl, then pour into a lined tray or silicone mold and sprinkle with Salt. Let sit in the freezer for ~1 hour to harden, then enjoy! Keeps well in the fridge for up to 7 days.

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Anju Gautam says:

yr chocolate doesn't contain milk?

maya aldubi says:

I tried to make the chocolate cherry truffles and they tasted amazing!! Fun snack after a meal! Very recommended!!♥️👌 i had some struggle covering it with the chocolate because it was to thick for my taste, if you have any advice for improving this method (I tried it with the spatula and by using two tablespoons – too messy) I would love to hear!

Teresa says:

I’m just gonna eat that cherry mix by itself…it looks so good 😍

Chelley&Nay says:

Thumbnail magic

Dima hh says:

The cookies look awesome, can i use a nut butter instead of sunflower seed butter for them? And could i make it healthier and use homemade chocolate spread instead of semisweet chocolate? Thanks 🙂

LukeAnthony Tillman says:

Cookies all day!!

ebet says:

I thank you so muchh. I enjoy watching your videos and stayin healthy🍫

Debbie Hallmark says:

Would love to see recipes that do NOT contain disgusting chocolate.

Jessie Hussey says:

I’m not vegan or allergic to anything so why am I watching this

Die Freiheitsmalerin says:

The fudge looks best. But I think I'll make the cookies first because I don't have one of these silicone pans…

Valentina Delgado says:

I though I was watching Tasty 😂

mumofmany says:

These will have a very short shelf life in my house 😊👍💖💚🌱🌍

jashyboo says:

You’re dimples are so cute and sexy <3

Elaina Kosmidis says:

Yum, but the process is time consuming.😋👍😊🌱🙏🧘‍♀️☮️💚

Mimi CosplayV says:

Date substitute?!

Bisera Ilkoska says:

I truly love how you make most of your desserts refined sugar free. Thank you for the amazing recipes <3

Alexander Bertallo says:

Well made…

Katrusya Kharchenko says:

I made the cherry truffles and they were delish!!

unicorndust _x says:

Not a fan of cherries, do y’all think I can replace them with strawberries?

Janvi Ollakkat says:


Pygiana says:

Caitlin is an Irish name pronounced Katleen.

Lisa Lisa says:

Made the chocolate covered cherries tonight… Soooo good! Thank you love your recipes ♥

Earthvoice says:

What I like about it is that its so delicious to eat vegan food, and desserts can be healty too! Long live the food blender.

Mei Lee C. says:

you are amazing! thanks for sharing.


Unfortunately my boyfriend is allergic to chocolate and cocoa but that means all the more chocolate for me if I clean my teeth after lol.

Chantal Jones says:

Omg I have to subscribe because chocolate is life🙈. What have you done🙈.

Unapologetic Me says:

My dad hates chocolate 🤦🏽‍♀️ there's always 1 ayy 😂 Love your channel

Rachel Conradie says:

Doesnt oats contain gluten?

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