Easy Raw Vegan Corn Chips | No Fat | No Oil

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Super easy Crunchy raw vegan corn chips. No oil, No fat, No salt! Simply delicious!


jainubeezy1 says:

Good video. And you're smoking hot.

Christina Ferreira says:

This is awesome

Aimski Moskwa says:

Love it!! Simple as FUK 😊

Ma la says:

This is a great video, I’ll try to make these tonight.

Spek says:

Stay away from Salt?

Malita Jones says:

They started on solid tray and ended on mesh tray -what did I miss?

Kay Anderson says:

I love this but dehydrating takes up so much time for such small portions 🙁 I love dehydrating foods but I normally just do fruits and veggies for snack foods because they take a day or less

Moriah Bowen says:

i see that there are multiple layers in the dehydrator, do you know if it is possible to do several batches at the same time or would the added moisture change the amount of time needed to fully dehydrate?

Cathy Baby says:

How thick spread?

Diane Winchester says:

I would like to add chilli pepper and yellow bell pepper to mine for colour and taste.  Maybe a pinch of turmeric and toasted ground cumin.

LVNCSR says:

Great recipe!

sjumbo10 says:

Did you flip them in the dehydrator halfway?

OneHealthyNut says:

your corn Chips are amazing!!!!!

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