Easy 7-ingredient meals » vegan + quick

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» Roasted garlic pizza: http://bit.ly/roasted-garlic-pizza
» Rainbow sushi: http://bit.ly/rainbow-sushi
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» To-go Ramen: http://bit.ly/to-go-ramen

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❤ Sadia


ilovellamas says:

damn that ramen looks so good

haoying yap says:

Hi the last recipe the mushroom can be cooked just by boiled water?

sophie Fly says:

Wonderful Sadia! I’ve been trying all your recipes, you’re the best!

Wagon Wheel says:

Where are yo originally from?

Sin says:

I began a vegan diet months back due to health problems, and it really has changed my life for the better. At first, it was a bit difficult because I had no idea what to make, or even how to prep stuff. I went by a beginners vegan cook book, and that didn't help much. I began watching pick up limes a little over a month ago, and it has been extremely helpful with new ideas, prepoing, food storage, and etc. So, thank you so much for having this channel. It's inspired me in many positive ways. 🙂

Rithika Shibu says:


Xoxo Dkcp says:

my diabetic ass screams watching this video,,, it's 100% carbs

Richa Sharma says:

Hey Sadia!! Can you please upload some healthy baked chips recipes?

Emily Mattila says:

What's tempe?

Brian Lee says:

Very cool take on a Korean kimbap! You can also use carrots for the crunchiness.

Swathi says:

I never knew vegan sushi could be made. Thanks for sharing 🙂 all the dishes look awesome

Perrine Sabatier says:

Merci infiniment pour les sous titre en français je vous adore !!! ❤️❤️❤️

Trisna Eko Wiyatni Kawaii says:

it seems that your sushii looks like kimbap. One of the korean sushii since you spread the sesame seeds on its top. 😀

Edgar Arenas says:

I’ve struggled to do at least 1 vegan meal a day. PUL inspires me to keep trying

Эва Сафи says:


StardustDNA says:

Most look delicious, awesome job! But sushi should have rice vinegar in it (slightly after it has cooled down halfway), just fyi!

Paloma Le Sueur says:

What about eggplant recipies? Yummy!

Paloma Le Sueur says:

Omg! The misu idea is soooo great! Thank you. X

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