Dr. G's Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

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Dr. Brooke Goldner makes her breakfast green smoothie recipe and doesn’t let you see her bed head. Surprise cuteness at the end!

Brooke Goldner, M.D.


JuanDiego Villacis says:

I've been having green smoothies for a couple of months now and often I feel a sence of fullness and even heavy naucea and gas right after I drink it in the morning. I though I was just getting used to it but the problem is persisting. What could be going on? 😕 I'm drinking about 600ml of smoothie in the morning.

Thanks Dr. for all your work.

Dubai Diva says:

Can i use kale powder instead

jodifrench jodi french says:

I have been drinking this exact smoothie for 3 years… I have not been unwell in those 3 years

Plant Strong Bro 🌱💪🏼 says:

Baby Kale also has a mild taste so no stems need to be removed ☺️, that what I use.

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

So helpful. Thank you!

Janet Tempest says:

Thank you I had 2 vacation 1 for flue and 1 for shingles 2 months later I had both, the shingles left me without the use of my left arm it made me so angry that NHS just love giving us chemicals never ever talk about nutrition I can’t wait to try your green smoothies god bless you 😇🙏❤️🗣🌱

Brenda Hulett says:

Love yr channel, tks. When i add chia seeds to my green smoothie it seems to spike my blood sugar. What can i do ? Hugs

edwina328 says:

I have followed your protocol for 2 days. Drinking 1 full Vitamix of green smoothie and 100 ounces of water. After looking at this video I need to drink two full Vitamix smoothies. How do you get that much down? I am so full all day? I have been completely fully raw before finding you for a month so and a Vegan for about a year so this has been an easy transition. Need it to heal my entire body fast.

Sara Ferguson says:

This makes a LOT. are we supposed to eat all that before we eat next? But i see you spread it out over portions for your family. I'm just a bit confused lol. 🙂

KS Mills says:

Cuteness is correct. Happy baby

Marlene Holly says:

Iam new and exciting to be with you.💞🇨🇦

Team Broccoli says:

I’m wondering how you keep your teeth healthy? Every time I drink smoothies on a daily basis my teeth start to get sensitive and hurt.

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