Double Berry Ice Cream (vegan) ☆ ダブルベリーアイスクリームの作り方

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Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker (US)

クイジナート アイスクリームメーカー (JP)


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for the ice cream mixture:
600g strawberry
180g cashew nuts
20g coconut oil
200g sweetener(I used maple syrup)
1/2 vanilla beans

for the raspberry sauce
100g raspberry
30g liquid sweetener(I used maple syrup)


1. blend all the ingredients of ice cream mixture.
2. put the mixture into ice cream maker. it should take about 20 minutes to freeze.
3. blend raspberry and liquid sweetener with blender.
4. gently mix the ice cream and the sauce. not to stir too much.
5. freeze the ice ream in a freezer.



いちご 600g
カシューナッツ 180g
ココナッツオイル 20g
メープルシロップ 200g
バニラビーンズ 1/2本

ラズベリー 100g
メープルシロップ 30g




Ingredients in this recipe are:

Navitas Naturals, Organic, Cashew Nuts

Now Foods, Organic Maple Syrup

Artisana, Organic Raw Coconut Oil

Singing Dog Vanilla, Organic Vanilla Beans


I often order organic foods from iHerb.

Check out their HP below.

Use a Code YOY970 to get up to $10.00 off on your first purchase.
They ship internationally at low price.


Equipments & etc:

Camera : Panasonic LUMIX GH4
Lens : COSINA Voigtländer NOKTON 17.5mm F0.95
Lens Filter : GENUS ECLIPSE 77mm ND Fader Filter
Mic:RODE video mic pro
Tripods:SLIK carbon 923 pro/ SLIK carbon 823 pro/ SLIK mini pro 7
Software : Apple Final Cut Pro X
Color Grading : PIXEL FILM LUT Loader / James Miller DELUTS
Music : Country Escape / Barrie Gladden, Kes Loy, Tim Reilly (



schellstarr says:

How many minutes did it take 4 the nuts to break down please🎇💕🌟🎈💜💝💙💛💚❤💓💕.nice music

T C says:

Fat and sugar mixed together is not healthy and causes disease. Smh. It’s pretty though.

Tsuf says:

I absolutely love your videos and have already tried some of your delicious recipes, you’re awesome!

I have a question though, can I make it without an ice cream maker and instead use the method you showed in some of your other ice cream recipes where you freeze and then use the food processor?

J H says:

Орешки хорошо на ночь замочить, они взбиваются потом легко в крем.

Being Vegan says:

Can I skip coconut oil?

oliveblind says:

it's so amazing, you're pure inspire

K Shaw says:

Soaking the cashew nuts overnight will make them easier to blend and make the ice cream smoother, especially if you don't have a really high powered blender

Jean B. says:

Thanks for sharing it looks delicious!

Lusha says:

1:53 when someone overlicks the backwood

Gracella Zabine Suarez says:

i wish i could be peaceful as you

María Betania says:

4:06 > That’s me😂

thetruefinale says:

There is better maple syrup than generic NOW foods…

Bleh122602 says:

4:12 same bro same

Bleh122602 says:

Delicious 😋

Lee쩡 says:

I want to be your daughter or best friend

patricia ferrini says:

your vidéos are the paradis of the esquisite and delicate and healthy cuisine of the vegan cuisine. 🙄😍😋😉💗

Carol Ribeiro says:

Mais algum brasileiro completamente viciado no canal?

J.Y. Park 준영 Piano says:

Like 💚💚🇬🇧🇬🇧 uk
I love strawberry 🍓 I am going to make it

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4:04 cute😍😘

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Kawaii 04:04 haha

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