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SH*T CHEF STRIKES AGAIN. Today we create a vegan RAMEN GRILLED CHEESE. Yes, you read that right. No bread. Sub ramen. Oh. Yes. Baby. AND my non-vegan boyfriend tastes the finished product with me!! WOO!

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Supreme Banana says:

Grilled cheese with actual bread is SOO 2017. It's all about ramen this year, baby.

Kyle Fuchs says:

It's not narsis I like zack

DeathlyHallows 🌻 says:

Please veganize some prison food!

leen says:

I have a huge crush on you 😭

max says:

Feed muchie dreams 🌠

Rhi D says:

You're dating a non vegan? You can do better girl

Stargirl the Practical Witch says:

Omg your boyfriend looks like the singer for sum 41.

LaurasAdventures says:

Are you guys still together

YamiAlex224 says:

I'm mostly plant based and it does look pretty good. But I see the nasty patty

Jaz Rerunt says:

You are so funny 😂

Laura ღ says:

I feel you on the struggle of realising you need scissors to open a packet. The struggle is real.

X_U says:

You have a Non-vegan boyfriend? You deserve better…

Eli Meyer says:

Your boyfriend's tattoos are so cool! You guys remind me of a couple straight out of a movie; so cute:)

Lauren O says:

I felt like I was watching myself cook lmaooooo

Kristin K. says:

Am I the only one besides my friends that eats raw ramen noodles

Anni Buri says:

4:45 I am fucking Dead lmao

Garbage Fire Folklore says:

Make more vegan food for him! Or do a vegan food/snack taste test with him

Heather Rae says:

Ah hair in the food!! Happens at my house all the time lol lol!

Betty Boop says:

Have you seen the Japanese burgers made of rice? Now a vegan version would be fun

Narayani A says:


Beth Martinez says:

THIS WHOLE VIDEO HAS ME CACKLING!!💀💀😂 ‘don’t be dumb like me and use a knife on a freakin pan’ 💀😂😂

Beth Martinez says:

3:263:28 HAS ME DYING!!!😭😂😂 I keep watching it over and over again HAHAHAHAHA the more I rewind and watch the fUnniER it gets!!💀💀😂

Endless Dream says:

Hey cami, could you try to do vegan black bean brownies ? There's a great recipe on "we are so vegan" and it's super original and tasteful !:)

keira hamalian says:

He looks like he smokes meth

Ashley Warren says:

Ugh i wanna try SO bad but i can't find good vegan cheese. The one you used is so nasty to me lol.

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