DELICIOUS 20-minute meals » vegan + healthy

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❤ Sadia

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Pick Up Limes says:

What’s your go-to quick lunch or dinner meal? 👩🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳

Leidy Mota says:

I absolutely love your videos and the meals. Just started a vegan life and the first recipe was a success

bohoshorty says:

I love all your beautiful clay bowls, where do you get them?

Jennifer Marcil says:

Please let me know what first pan you are using is. Thank you 😘

Cynthia Newton says:

I made the mushroom and spinach curry this week. It was so easy and quick but most of all it was delicious! Thank you

Margot Nicolau says:

Yum, thank you

Christian Perez says:

I just found your channel and I have already selected three dishes I’m going to make for my family thank you. You have earned a new subscriber

Kat Ross says:

I tried peanut noodle today with my boyfriend. We are still sooooo full. It was delicious really. Great recipe!


I tried the third recipe from this video anddd it tasted so well and it felt so healthy. I just want to say thankyou for the videos you create it's very soothing to the eyes😂( I mean the recipes). God bless you Sadia❤️

Teresa Mañosa says:

Your website is amazing!!! Thank you for all the incredible inspiration. Even though one can embody a plant-based diet for quite some time, an upgrade is always welcome!! So grateful 😘🙏🏻☺️✨🌷

Sabrina Becker says:

Thank you for this recipe !! I'm French and I found all the ingredients here. But can we freeze the recipe after cooked ? Thank you !

Maggie Wickwire says:

Where do you get your dishes? I just love them.

Kateřina Polášková says:

I love your noodle stir-fry and make it every week😍.

rabia çetintaş says:

Türkçe altyazılı olarak izlemek istiyorum

adriana parente says:

Sadia, I couldn't post a comment on your video with Gaz. I would love to know more about picked radish. are you making it at home? or is there a Brand you prefer? thank you~!!

Hillary Ann Chace says:

Where did you get your big serving bowl for the quinoa recipe?? In love! I love your channel😍😍

Fun Food and Gardening says:

Mam you share very different and nutritious receipes. Which country do you stay. You have got Indian features. On fhe other note.. Pls prepare a video on the beautiful hanging money plants and other arrangements in kitchen.

Karina Rodriguez says:

I love the mushroom and spinach curry!!!! (I modified it a bit) but it came out amazing!!! Thanks so much:)

Shari GetzFit says:

All 3cof those look delicious. Heading over to get the recipes.

Marika Rembetissa says:

I made the peanut butter lime stir fry yesterday. It was delicious and nutritious and it kept us full until the night. Thank you!

Dulaj Pasqual says:

I'm going Vegan just for this angelic voice :'D

Gemma Rhind says:

Ufffffff thank you thank you, I am in love with all the recipes of yours that ive tried. Your so good at what you do so I just wanted to Say Thanks!

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