Day 6 of the 7 Day Reset! Raw Vegan Tacos!

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Breakfast: cantaloupe, all you care for

Lunch: mangos! All you care for, approximately 5-6 medium mangos. Alone or blended with water or coconut water

Dinner: tacos!
Use green collard leaves for tortillas
Shredded carrot
Shredded jicama
Shredded beet
Bell peppers
Green onion
Lime juice

Tahini dressing:
1 bell pepper
1/2-1 zucchini
1-2 tablespoons of tahini
Green onion

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Produced By: David Ordaz


Ana T says:

Did you cook the beets?

psalm37911 says:

I need help! On a budget!!!

Julie Bachand says:

is the shredded beets raw?

rumissaxo says:

Talks too slow for me 😩

stephanie ross says:

Awesome you are beautiful and glowing too!!!  love this love collards too!!!

Selena Phan says:

Hmm, you look better with less makeup…makeup adds 10 years to your appearance. 🙂

Nican ~ Xochicualli says:

Wow such beauty throughout this video. I've already done collard burritos but I'll have to try them again with grating the roots.

Have you tried Jicama slices as tacos? They allow you to throw some lettuce on the tacos (well, you can on the collards but it's a little redundant lol)

Raw Reiki says:

Everybody seem to love mangoes than me. It seems that either it's not my taste, or the mangoes they sell here are awful..


I really enjoyed your video – so much color – you look vibrant!  And your outfit is just lovely.  I'm going to make wraps – lots of them.  Thank you.

Elise H. says:

Oh great! I finally have something I can do with that jicama root/fruit! I tried it once but didn't know how to use it. I will buy it again now.

La Rosa Jolie says:

how do you open the coconut without hurting yourself. can you make a vid of how you do it ? you look so tiny and fragile and i cannot imagine you opening a coconut. i have not so much time, but today i watched some of your vids. and i love especcially this reset series. so great lady, you go !******

Lisa Kins says:

What if we don't have access to mangos? What would you replace lunch with?

alicia c. says:

So inspiring. Gracias

tzivyonet says:

Love your videos !!! and you are so cute too. want to know where did you buy your wooden bowls please,

Muscle Hog says:

these look like shit. Vegans are weird

nathalie alvarez says:

Hola!.. oye me pregunto por que nunca he visto que comas brócoli simplemente no te gusta? también es una verdura y se puede comer crudo, saber rico.

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