Dairy-Free Ice Cream (Easy & Simple Ingredients!) No Churn Recipes

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Today we are making vegan ice cream that uses only a few simple ingredients and requires no ice cream machine to make! If you haven’t seen my first ice cream video with 3 different flavours, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzZ-L2ATaPA

Ice Cream Base from Gemma at Bigger Bolder Baking.

You’ll need:
– 3 cans (400 mL each) of full fat coconut milk
– 2/3 cup sugar

1. Put two cans of coconut milk in the fridge overnight.
2. Put one can of coconut milk into a pot or frying pan with 2/3 cup of sugar. Bring to a light simmer for 30 minutes, until it reduces by about half and is thick. Put it in the fridge overnight as well.
3. The next day, open the 2 cans of coconut milk that were in the fridge. Carefully scoop the cream off the top into a mixing bowl. Use an electric mixer to beat the coconut cream on high until it is thick, fluffy and creamy.
4. Add the thick coconut milk & sugar mixture to the bowl and beat with the coconut cream. It should resemble a light, fluffy whipped cream after about 2 minutes.
5. Add your flavourings and add-ins as desired to create the flavours you want.

Chocolate Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe:

2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp vegan butter, nut butter or coconut oil
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp almond or soy milk
4-5 tbsp flour (or as much as you need to create a cookie dough)
mini dairy-free chocolate chips

Chocolate Ice Cream:
1 tsp vanilla extract
1-2 tbsp cocoa powder

Mint Chip Ice Cream:
1/4 – 1/2 tsp mint extract (as needed, taste it as you go)
dark chocolate, shaved on a cheese grater
dairy-free chocolate chips


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Hansen Truong says:

I don’t need dairy free snacks cause I’m not allergic to milk.

Kari VanPelt says:

Video start 2:06

Cristina Hid Arida says:

And of course thanks to Gemma for the wonderful idea.

Cristina Hid Arida says:

I've been making this recipe for a while now, everybody loves it, and specially me. The mint-chocolate is a great idea! I will try that today.

Katelyn Fahler says:

I am highly allergic to milk(not diagnosed but my throat gets itchy and tight and I cant stop coughing and severe digestive distress) but it’s perfectly okay though because I went vegan ❤️🌱

Katelyn Fahler says:

I usually mix frozen bananas with a few tablespoons of coconut milk non dairy creamer. Then I flavor with either cookies or natural chocolate syrup and it’s pretty bomb too.

Katelyn Fahler says:

All your recipes look so delicious so I’m buying that cookbook!

Dalvir Dhillon says:

Hi liv. I m from india. My son is suffered from food allergy. He is 7 years old. Its really difficult to handle.

Abby Britty says:


Qᴏғғii • says:

Thank you so much! Im not vegan But Im milk protein allergic and it’s so annoying when people think I’m lactose intolerant so the always add lactose free milk,and then I’m not able to eat it anyway. But this ice cream looks delicious 😍

Fatima Nadaf says:

Can we use date syrup instead of sugar?

Su SAN says:

Allergies are awful… I can't eat sugar, wheat, milk products or pork… I can deal with not eating those things but I hate it when people say “I feel so sorry for you “ 😩

Scorpio AlBeau says:

Use psylium in your mix…………….. Suppose to be be none diary…. No butter

Alan Yau says:

Wait…… The title says Dairy free BUT at 3:33 you said used CONDENSED MILK , I should have assumed you meant vegan condensed milk since your channel is Vegan

Lauren Robinson says:

Your eyes with those walls 😍 so pretty

TheEmeraldCursor TheBloodstoneCursor says:

You forgot to shoot it 8 times!

Hannah Smart says:

I want to guy that cook book!!

AmberShireCentrum says:

Ok, almost there. But mine shrinks and freezes into concrete. Not as 'creamy' as yours looks. Any [email protected]

AmberShireCentrum says:

I've tried this so many times. Keeps crystalizing, even w/vanilla. Should I actually add a spoon of alcohol, and if so, which one?

Sanaa Schurton says:

Liv I always love love love❤️ your vegan ice cream videos I also like eggnog so can you please pleeaaasssse pleeeaazzze make non-dairy eggnog ice cream 😌please🙂

Laura C says:

Tiny pit of peppermint extract gives a big flavor

Laura C says:

sweetened condensed milk is milk

Hellosunshine says:

Nooo I live in Switzerland and really really really want that cookbook😭😭😭

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