CREAMY VEGAN PASTA RECIPES ‣‣ 2 quick & easy dinner ideas

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We’re making two vegan pasta recipes today, both with delicious vegan cream sauces. First up we have a vegan mushroom stroganoff, and then we’re making a vegan cacio e pepe pasta. Both of these recipes are great for vegan meal prep, they can be enjoyed as a quick dinner recipe and they taste delicious!




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Choctaw Bae says:

Add 2-3oz of dry red wine when you coat the mushrooms in flour. It’ll reduce and make the roux much more delicious, thus making the sauce delicious overall. Most traditional stroganoff recipes use red wine or brandy but the most important ingredient is worcestershire sauce right before the “cream”. You could use amino acids for this instead.

Alexandra Lsb says:

Want to try pastas with mushrooms! Seems so delicious 😋

Alex says:

wish i could do that cacio e pepe one but in italy one small pack of cashews is about 9$ .. so.. yeah.. 😥

It's Me Miss Ruby says:

I'm SO EXCITED to try this like, ASAP!

videovedo says:

I didn't understand why you called the first kind of pasta 'rotini', as in Italy that name doesn't exist (not even as a word) and that pasta is universally known as 'fusilli' since forever. I was curious and thought some american brand must have named it that way so I did a quick research to find out if I was right: I discovered Barilla itself, which is an italian company as you know, calls them rotini on their boxes made for the american market, and this means that they gave away the original name of one of the most common kind of pastas, for marketing reasons. 'Rotini', I get it, must recall the word 'rotate' to you guys, but still has an italian feel to it, so why not use directly fusilli and rely on the exotic? Spaghetti still is spaghetti, deriving from italian 'spago' which means twine, cord, string, but surely doesn't recall any of these objects to your ears and yet didn't have to be changed into something completely made up. I know it's not a big deal but, culturally, it's kind of annoying. (I liked your recipes, btw! 😉 )

P B says:

even if i wasn't lactose intolerant i would still try these out, they both look delicious!

Tomas Lopez-Betanzos says:

cashew e pepe, surely

Tim Lazaro says:

Do I have to wash the mushrooms and then cook them? Thanks.

LittleRockQueen14 says:

for 5-6 ppl? id eat this by myself in two servings

bea b28 says:

my suggestion: mushrooms need parsley, they're just a perfect duo!

val x says:

Pasta has to be cooked in its own pot with water and salt, then when it's time to drain your preferred pasta you can add it to another pot with whatever sauce you've already chose. It's just an advice, I'm italian and this is a proper way to cook any type of pasta. Enjoy your day!

Hanna Nilsson says:

Looks really good ! Just wondering, what is nutritional yeast ?

Schnabelschweinchen says:

So basicly non of those recieps has to do even the slightest with the original recieps… why calling then stroganoff or cacio e pepe? Especially the second one, you not only swap out half of the main components and replace it with something totally diffrent, you even cook it wrong, and not even close to the original >.<

Makeup For Glasses says:

Wow, I want both so badly!
Do you also have some healthy pizza recipes? Pasta and pizza are my favorites too 🙂

Loki Nebula says:

If anyone has the balls to watch this, it might make you think twice about being a Vegan/Vegetarian.

Simona Brianti says:

"Linguini noodles"…?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

mymindIS Here says:

I didn't get that what called this yellow powder what she did with the cashews

Laura Martinelli says:

Please, please: you can't cook pasta in the pan with other ingredients! Pasta has to be boiled apart and only later it can be mixed with the seasoning in the pan. I'm italian… please!

Van Darkholme says:

This is less like a creamy pasta sauce and more like a mushroom gravy.

Rem boo says:

Hello im french and I dont understand everything…
Please, is it possible for you, you put ingretients what you use in this recipes (the first and second recipe) ☺️

Starllet Nixie says:

great recipe but i would saute the mushroom with water first other wise its almost pointless putting in oil later on.

Tymothy Munoz says:

Exsqueeze me , that was so simple and looks delicious!!

Evelyn Herrera says:

Love how easy it is to make!

Sarah Milner says:

For first recipe would coconut cream work?

Sanjana Faria says:

Not a vegan but definitely gonna try these

Amanda Craig says:

Totally making that cacio e pepe this week! Thanks for the recipe 😄

Behabtwa says:

perfect timing. got myself a lot of mushrooms. thank you yt-feed (for once, haha)

love60073 says:

It’s days like these I wish I wasn’t deathly allergic to cashews and macadamias lol

Fadi Etika says:

These recipes are banging. Cheers for the tasty recipes!

Saf says:

Omgggg thank you for this video!😩

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