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This is the first video in our One Pot Wonder series, we’re super excited about how easy and delicious this meal is, we hope you try it and let us know what you think and what you’d like to see us try make as a one pot wonder.

Sorry we don’t have a written recipe for this! We’re currently working on an updated and improved version which will feature in our new book (to be launched in Spring 2018)… So please bear with us until then!

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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The Clean Kitchen says:

Looks delicious!! My mom always told me not to talk with my mouth full. It would be nice to see you plate your wonderful food before you taste it.

sweetkeet126 says:

I always use a really wide pan so I can get my pasta in whole 🙂

Yanet Patricia Mejia Laboy says:

You raise the volume guys

Jim Murray says:

Oh, guys, I'm so disappointed! I've loved almost every video you've done until now. You're all about health and yet you use alcohol?! It doesn't all "burn off", and in any case, it's a carcinogen, just like the meat we're all trying to avoid. Anyway, this recipe looks great, and I will make it without the wine. Thanks for another recipe, and I'll keep watching.

Stealth Man says:

I'm Italian and no offense taken. Guys I cooked this using soy milk and it was amazing. Thank you kindly for this simple, yet delicious ricetto!

Amy Lonsdale says:

This look so delicious and easy, I’ll have a crack at this for my dinner tonight☺️

Matthew Thompson says:

I'm gonna need a bigger pan.

Mani Norris says:

I had this tonight. So great! While it was cooking I added a bit of mashed potato. Sounds odd, but it really thickened it like cream and absorbed the flavour! I highly recommend it.
I'm not Vegan myself but I'm loving all your videos. Please keep it up!

YankeeinSC1 says:

I don’t have thyme for this recipe.

blqcreative B says:

Okay – That's a different way to cook pasta

Christine Morrison says:

Tried it tonight and the whole family liked it. I added diced dill pickles because dill pickles for me are like Tamari to David. I pu that stuff in everything 🙂

Tricia Garza says:

I think I'm in love 😘😘😘

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