Creamy Low-Calorie Vegan Ice Cream (100% Natural)

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Please READ this box more info. This recipe only requires ONE main ingredient and you can make this in less than 3 minutes! It’s so quick, healthy, and extremely delicious! I’m sharing 3 flavours with you – Chunky Strawberry, Crunchy Peanut Butter Chocolate (better than Haagen-Dazs’ version) and Vanilla Raisin ice cream.

It’s ALWAYS a good time to have ice cream, haha! Try them out, let me know your favourite and share your picture with me on instagram or facebook.

All the best! =)

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patricia ferrini says:

the ice cream home made could last in the frigde several month ?

o0odeyanirao0o says:

Don't judge I fished this in one day😊It's so hot

Marie Falk says:

I will start  to exercise every day.I want to be energized like you.

soda pops says:

amazing thank youuu?what 's the brand of your chopper please ?

Imran Khan says:

I love u more i like ur healthy received oh my gosh u r most most beautiful Mashallah this is true wallah

sana ur rehman says:

and how many grams per serving? plz reply

Sara Emily says:

These ice creams are delicious Johanna! Thank you for sharing! I have an even better idea for the peanut butter chocolate ice cream. If you want it to be even lower in calories try using PB2 instead of crunchy peanut butter. It is dried peanut butter without the oils so it is very very healthy. And, when you add it into the idea cream it tastes exactly like normal peanut butter with less than half the calories!

Ali sunana says:

can i use stevia as a sweetner????? in these ice cream?? mam

Haley Michelle Johnston says:

About to make some of that Vanilla ice cream because I just so happen to have two bananas that won't last too much longer!

hasala says:

Awesome, I'm gonna make it tomorrow

Sheffi Ned says:

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Naoma says:

How many grams is one serving?

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