Creamy Chipotle Pasta Marinara! FullyRaw & Vegan!

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Creamy Chipotle Zucchini Pasta Marinara! FullyRaw & Vegan! For those love pasta with marinara, this is an awesome spin on a classic recipe that will have you eating the entire bowl! It’s healthy, plant-based, and delicious! Enjoy my friends!

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Hadasha Patterson says:

Wow look great!

Nostalgette says:

Just made this and it's pretty awesome! How do you come up with your recipe ideas? So creative.

Negative Creep says:

The problem is that everything is cold.

Anna Wacker says:

Thanks Kristina! Love this ❤️🌟😌

Ciro Alvino says:

virgin my pupert hole !!!

Alannah Rider says:

Have you adapted to eating cold food? So many of your dishes look amazing, but I see this and I couldn’t imagine eating a savory pasta like that cold and having it be satisfying. Do you ever warm your food some how without cooking it?

Never Time says:

Looks great! I wish I wasn’t so lazy to spiralize

Tammy Cao says:

If it's made raw like that, doesn't it taste super cold?

Matt says:

can I heat this up ?

Sophia Hitchen says:

Love your pasta ideas 😍 and also love the fact your videos are only a couple of minutes great who hasn't got time to look at half hour videos that go on for ages you just get to it . Thank you going to try this .

Sophie Pingel says:

Why are the portions so big? Does she really eat all of that?

Christian Harrison says:

Just made it. Delicious!

loody doody says:

عمري بحياتي ما كنت اتخيل اني اكل كوسا او هالطبق وانصدمت فيه

loody doody says:

It's really really good I try every receipt and it always so delicious thank you

Ruben Perez says:

Looks like someone went to Macaroni grill the night before… Nice turd….

Ruben Perez says:

Rachel Ray wannabe….

Ramiro Olivo says:

Looked to spicy 4 you lol

Sydney Long says:

That looks so good woah

Eric Quick says:

Update, this tastes amazing. I added about 6oz of tomato paste to thicken the sauce, also the zucchini is a bit watery. I think next time I will briefly dry them out in the oven. Thanks for this recipe Kristina.

Eric Quick says:

Nice recipe, looks good.

lunameowl says:

She just don't know how good real pasta tastes. Also probs tastes not as good as it's made out to be..

galaxszzys says:

I just want to heat up this sos.. 😁

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