Cream of Broccoli Soup – 2 Versions | Vegan, Paleo, Keto

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Do you ever crave hot soup in the middle of July when it’s incredibly hot outside? I mean, you might be sweating just to walk outside to pick some ice cream. So what do you do when you want to enjoy the deliciousness of a creamy soup but don’t want to sweat while eating it? Make raw soup! I know, know. It sounds weird. I thought that raw soups were weird for the longest time. Until I made this Raw Broccoli Soup and became a convert..
This broccoli soup (whether raw or cooked) is thick, creamy, nutty, and very un-raw-broccoli-like.

Credit: the raw broccoli soup recipe has been adapted from Alissa Cohen’s cookbook Living on Live Food.

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Mixing bowls:
Knife set:
Cutting board:
Measuring cups:
Measuring spoons:

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NutritionRefined says:

It's allergy season for Tanner, so he sounds quite nasaly in the taste test. If you have any tips for overcoming pollen allergies, please share them below 🙂

22falifenumba says:

I only see the recipe for the raw version. What's the recipe for the cooked one?

crismadema says:

Love this two versions

IAM REAL says:

Wish you didnt go Keto.. it is so bad for your health.. had to unsubscribe. Watch WFPB doctors talk about Keto… you are killing yourself.

Autumn Meadows says:

I also like the story about the vitamix and yes regarding the cooked version, potatoes are an excellent choice, and less expensive

Autumn Meadows says:

Beautiful presentation and it looks delicious

Blanca Morales says:

Muchas gracias! 😊😊💕💕

뇨리 티브이 says:

I love broccoli. Yes, nice green color.

Mukto freedom says:

Thanks great recepies in 2 version!*

Carl Cortez says:

o my God! Another fantastic idea! I love this channel!

va ci says:

Hi Petra, just eaten the cooked version. My husband and me are enthusiastic! 👏 We had some leftovers of the cashew cream, so that we can use it for other soups or with some burritos! How much shall we keep it in the fridge before it expires?

oldeebutgoodee says:

You lost me at the cashews. Carbs. Unnecessary.

Jamie Hanley says:

Both look gorgeous.

Denise Benjamin says:

Looks delicious 😋👌

Siux Sie says:

I love your videos Petra¡¡ the music,the edition,the tranquility…
I also love these 2 or more version videos.💚💜💙🤗🦄🖒

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