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Travis and I went to visit Angel in Vancouver and OF COURSE we had to film a Stump Kitchen episode… But we were in a hotel so how were we going to cook anything??? Heheheeeee we found a way, using none other than the HOTEL IRON and IRONING BOARD to cook with!!!!! Plant based heaven here we come.

We made fresh and tasty Quesadillas! We bought the ingredients from come Vancouver shops and BAM! Deluxe vegan breakfast in a hotel!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Animation by Erika (@eriqueef)




Jennifer P says:

I might just do this tomorrow for the he'll of it. Daiya should totally sponsor you.

whereswaldman says:

I have a genuine concern for my friends and also germs on the hotel room iron. But I feel like I’m now informed of how to make a hotel room quesadilla if the question of how to make one ever came into play! ( also like, you’re all still well and health, so all in all v proud!)

cynsen says:

This was so funny.
Alexis, I currently broke my wrist. It's the third time my right hand has been out of commission. I'm right handed and my left hand is getting so good now. But they aren't quite truly ambidextrous. Have you ever broken a limb?

Tash says:

Omg Alexis another hilarious video 💕 on one episode of the great British bake off: an extra slice a guest made a tiramisu from only things found in a hotel room which is also wild

Cierra Bynum says:

“Should we make this non swearing so it’s good for the kids” 🤣🤣 lol love your videos!

ABSHOW says:

The taco eyes ahahaha

Laurie Seto says:

A bit of soy sauce from the take out packets could be spread on the quesadillas when you iron them to give the toasted colour.

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