Cook with Us! [[Vegan Nachos]] – The Sexy Tablespoon with Lily & Liwai

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Akasha303 says:

aahaaahhahahahahaahaha I love you guys hahaha I had to laugh out loud several times 😀 !!!do you often cook together or just for the videos. Keep the together videos of cooking coming hahaahahaha

Cad Red says:

I'm looking for your "oatey cookie recipe"..

Lo La says:

This is by far my favorite video. You guys are hilarious! Thanks for the belly laughs and also the great nachos. Nachos are my weakness. Now I can feel good about Nachos again. Thank you dudes😉

Sonia Branco says:

You guys are so cute and funny . I want that one day

Angie M says:

12:32 😂 “ I see you plotting” 🤣

jainubeezy1 says:

You were already one of my favorite Youtubers, but when you bumped the Notorious BIG it confirmed your greatness!  Keep up the great videos.  Thanks.

Greenliving says:

I wish you would have showed what you did with the collard greens. Did you make chips out of them? If so, how?

Luna Johnstone says:

Omgee Lilly You are so funny! When You slapped Your face harder and harder I was laughing hard! Thanks for being so naturally comical gf 🥑🧡🌺and those Nachos looked delish!!! How much Nutritional Yeast is too much? ✌

Katy Checkley says:

holy shit this was hilarious!

Shelby Delery says:

daw i love those moments in the kitchen with my love.

Madelyn Rudolph says:

Oh my gosh. You two crack me up 🤣😂 You guys are definitely The Sexy Tablespoon!!!

Melissa Khamchanh says:

Love the video you guys are so awesome!!!

Donnalee Clubb says:

I love that you used collard greens instead of chips. I never thought of that.

Shoshawnah Appelbaum says:

"Now I need to reapply my mascara"! So cute. And no you don't! So pretty without makeup.

M B says:

"Is that it" umm hummm "than why did you have me still guessing" cause your cute when think 😂🤣🤣 brilz

Elisa Marie says:

You too are so funny!! Your relationship seems very fun loving! I love how he can't keep his hands off you all the time

Ayla Beverly says:

I just found another meat substitute almost exactly like yours only they used all you used except he eggplant they used cauliflower, walnuts and sundried tomatoes, can't wait to try them both

gkcommllc says:

you guys are so funny!

Rashelle Blocher says:

bahahaha you guys are my new favorite! I can't stop laughing, I recently discovered your chanel and love it, and then I found the sexy table spoon episodes and I'm learning some great recipes but I think I love them so much because you guys are too funny, more sexy tablespoon cooking please!

Krysten Chambers says:

Slap slap slap slap ( with the greens)

Krysten Chambers says:

Well, I have to reapply my mascara. ..

Teash Ology says:

OMG bwahahahaha I love you guys so much! Fairly new subscriber here that just struck gold!!! Hilarious and making food look sexy all at the same time!!! Love it 😍

Teri Ruiz says:

I totally LOVE how Petunia and your other sweet doggie love to eat the veggies. Crap I can't get my stuck up dog to eat anything veggie or fruit

Teri Ruiz says:

OMG, lmao "using his giant manly muscles to put the mushrooms into the pan" hahahahaha

catwalk1006 says:

my husband does the same thing with the limes, it really grinds my gears. grr lol…

Patrīcija Lisovska says:

I am so glad to see that there r other vegan who eat large portions..seems like all hclf vegan still eat tiny portions on youtube

Abi Spear says:

oh my life you are such I good cook! I am so unimaginative when it comes to cooking! I'd love to see more recipe videos from you! and I hope you're working on a recipe book!! xxx

Jen Marie says:

Omg you two are so cute

mugen says:

I love you guys!!!! Fuck hahaha

Savannah Rose says:

Totally off topic but girl where did you get that romper? I've seen it in a few of your vlogs and it's adorable!

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