Cook Dinner With Me! (Easy Vegan Tacos)

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Hello! A bunch of you watched my losing weight video ( and were interested in knowing more. So, cook dinner with me (easy vegan tacos)! This is a gluten free vegan recipe that is so simple… even I can do it. Let’s get silly and healthy and happy together. Oh, also, I know everyone has different opinions on all things health, I see you, I honor your opinions, but like.. let’s keep it cool and fun in the comments. CAF. You’re great.

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1ne Of The Bois says:

I hate this bitch

Veronica Alvarez says:

I’ll let you know how I got here…. so I’m on a 4th date with this guy and I told him I can cook and he finally lets me know he’s vegetarian… so I’m looking up recipes to cook for him. But bitch, I’ve also seen you since you were Lowkey engaged to Shane, so my YouTube know whatever you put out I’m watching. So let’s make these TACOS!!!!!

jennifer wilt says:

Oh my god. I love you so much. CAF you’re the best. Please do more cooking shows

AnimalsChoice xvx says:

is lisbug a vegan for ANIMALS or just a fad diet

SuperTigerTV says:

Giving up white flour and sugar made me feel MUCH better than giving up meat but those sausages sound delish! P.S. Salt and cholesterol are (generally speaking) necessary and good. They lie about food to push an agenda that makes people give up and eat too much fast/junk food.

Erica Johnson says:

Lol I cook everything on high heat too. I got a hungry husband and a fuck ton of kids, I don’t got time to be taking my time lol 😂

E Gal says:

Loved this! 🥰🤗

Nora Abdulla says:

Good job lisa

JamaicanRain says:

Easy taco: Open box of taco shells, fill with some lettuce, top with jarred taco sauce, nuke vegan meat in the microwave, put on taco, more sauce, done in 3 minutes. That. Is easy.

Dora P says:

Loved this so much, please post more like this!!!!
Please, please, please cook with Jeff and I am going to make and try it, it looks F’ing delicious!!!!!

Justin B says:

know what. im making this it looks so good and yummy <3 CAF

Thomas Degnan says:

You fuck shit ass hole

Hanna-Kaisa N. says:

Hey, great video! Would you be willing to try a week of no plastic challenge? I'd love to see that!

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