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Learn how to turn that super cheap packet of ramen noodles into a gourmet dorm room meal! These curly ramen noodles are fun to eat, and can be made healthier and satisfying as well! Just add veggies and this yummy sriracha almond sauce.

School might not be easy but the recipes in my dorm room, no-cook series are! I am happy to bring you healthy, easy, dorm friendly recipes, so make sure you check out the playlist! Most of these dishes are ready within 10 minutes, making them perfect for in between classes or late-night study marathons. All you need is a blender, microwave, a mug and an appetite.

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I’m The Edgy Veg, a gal on a journey to revolutionize the food we define as “vegan”. Instead of salads days in and day out I choose to re-purpose familiar favourites, by recreating childhood cravings for an audience with sophisticated palettes and food-nerd obsessions with nostalgic fare.

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Deborah 5122 says:

Jahmen Ramen noodles mahn.

queensequoyah says:

that sauce sounds sooo good

Finnegan Mortis says:

Although we have an apartment instead of a dorm, the college budget still applies…definitely gonna give this a try!

Bee Dinardo says:

Do you wanna do a girls night? Where we like wear fun wedges, eat fancy ramen and no boys.

Allison Newby says:

GOAT BOY FROM SNL YO!!!! Meahnnnah Okaymanahhhh….

Lu Anders says:

So exited to try this!
Also: Don't use the flavouring pack!
When I had ramen with the flavouring pack the next day I had really bad migranes! I am not a person that's prone to migranes. And then I started researching: MSG is known to give people migranes. So just don't use it or only buy the plain instant noodles and make a sauce yourself!

Elizabeth Bennet says:

You're so much chiller than other culinary YouTubers, love your channel!

Odge says:

I couldn't help but notice that your shirt reminds me of a Panic! At The Disco lyric … you know … Champagne, Cocaine, Gasoline … no just me, okay 😂💓

leefong says:

Yo whats up i got a dollar ramen but imma spend $10 on the others what a waste of moneyy

tyler maloney says:

makes own sauce to remove salt
adds salt

Brittany Johnson says:

I just made this two days before seeing this video. I'm thinking spicy almond ramen. Also, the comedian, my favorite, Iliza shezlinger. bahhhahahah

Adam Szajman says:

dat shirt tho… ;)sup

Jaidyn Spencer says:

Iliza Shlesinger

Krystal St.Louis says:

LMFAO goat boy!!! I use to do that when I would get hit on at the bar by scummy guys lol.

evansova says:

Is that nutribullet blender?

Samantha Grace says:

is the comedian iliza shlesinger?? i love her!! great recipe btw 🙂

Gabriella Tole says:

ramen al la dorm

Nessa Rossini says:

After soaking the noodles in boiling water for a few minutes, I drain them to get the gunk off, then add a bit more water. I throw away the seasoning pack and that makes it vegan, then add a spoon of Miso Paste for the flavor. Cheap and easy Vegan Ramen.

Grace Burns says:

JUST DO IT. I'm eating this RIGHT NOW and it has undoubtedly changed my ramen life.

Cooper Church says:

Do you smoke cigs eww

Ben O'Toole says:

i think you are insane

somedaydoctor abby says:

Is there a meaning behind your shirt? I LOVE THIS RECIPE by the way :))

gumgumlol says:

OMG this looks amazing

inagadda1976 says:

Hey Candace curious question. Would peanut butter work in place of almond butter?

Samantha Farias says:

Am I too late to say the comedian is probably Iliza Schlesinger??? Love her. She's absolutely hilarious. Love your videos by the way 🙂

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