Coconut Curry 2 Ways [Recipe] [Vegan]

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Lydia is Cooking brings you this versatile and tasty plant-based recipe for a curry which can be served two ways!

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01 Ingredients

02 Prepare lentils

03 Chop onion

04 Press, grate or finely chop garlic

05 Peel and grate ginger

06 Add onion, garlic and ginger to pan

07 Spices

08 Saute

09 Season

10 Add tomatoes

11 Add lentils or chickpeas

12 Add coconut milk

13 End result photos of both options


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Ahimsa Plant-Kitchen says:

Hi Lydia! Amazing recipe! I can eat curry every day! Looks really tasty! As a fellow youtuber I appreciate your work! Let's stay connected 🌈

Cute Cat says:

Love the new subtitles!

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