Cholos Try VEGAN Food: KALE CHIPS and KOMBUCHA | mitú

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What happens when real cholos try real vegan food?

Cholos try Kale Chips and Kombucha.

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Dreddy G. says:

"I'm on parole, G!" (promptly throws bag away)


Carlos Aleman says:

they swear it’s weed lol

Flakka Gil says:

Scar like errthang 😭

Connie Girvin says:

Scar likes everything 😂

Oscar Karais says:

What are cholos

Angel Order says:

Here is a piece of crap! Scar "I like it now" lol

Jennifer Cole says:

Uno me recuerda a mi Tío Chuy 😂

Mai Banez says:

I would marry Scar in a heartbeat

Parukia de Bolivar says:

"I wonder what would happen if you smoke this…?"

Rosie Pena says:

i love kale chips and kombucha too!! 😀😀😀👍👍👍

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