Chocolate Cupcakes & Gingerbread Cookies (Vegan)

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Chocolate cupcakes and gingerbread cookies! What more could you want!?

Chocolate cupcakes:
Gingerbread cookies:

Second channel:
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Christmassy music arranged by Kevin MacLeod:


LilKen says:

So you are Vegan?
Respect: TIMES 10000

Brake Barrel Hunting says:

Hey Jenny. Havent watched you in about four years but happy to see your looking amazing and doing so well. You seem so chearful. Its soo nice to see a youtuber not only enjoying themselves but not being deppressing in their vids. You show all your quirks which I think is awesome! keep making great vids. You've gained another subscriber.

Bits Of Ben says:

I can't help but think how beautiful you look in this video!

mapleleafgirlie says:

Have you made a cake from the cupcake recipe? Thanks and Happy Birthday for 7th of January xx

TheKiyokoTek says:

the song you used was so cute! was it free to use? love your videos ๐Ÿ™‚

Timothy Crowther says:

Remember when you worked with TomSka? Yeaaaaah…. good times ๐Ÿ™‚

Sydney Abbott says:

who else is depressed cause I honestly miss when she was with Tommo…

Gregorie Morales says:

Congratulations Your prize is…..


PauLtus B says:

7:41 awww they look like little cow dungs.

PauLtus B says:

I think chocolate cupcakes are always festive…

Stealthpath says:

One solution to making the gingerbread cookie dough not as liquid is letting it rest in plastic wrap in the fridge over night ๐Ÿ™‚

Karina Wilson says:

What brand of sprinkles did you use? It's sooo difficult to get vegan sprinkles D:

tia cooper says:

jenny you should get some measuring spoons! i've got super cute rainbow coloured ones and they go from tbsp to 1/4 tsp

Ellie Cripps says:

I bake quite a lot – and that is the kind of spoon I always use when it says table spoon. Love the recipes!

zizou00 says:

If you're ever unsure about which spoon to use, remember that a teaspoon (the smallest one commonly found in an English kitchen) tends to be around 5ml and a tablespoon is around 15ml, so if you don't know which spoon is a tablespoon, three teaspoons works fine.

Mandy says:

IT WAS NOT THE DESERT SERVING SPOON YOU USED. Ya needed ore flour after that!

(Loved this video)

Mark Hilton says:

8:15 they actually don't look too bad.

rapunkill says:

Table spoon is the spoon you would use to eat soup… The spoon you used though… I don't know what that was

Adam Moor says:

great video as ever great work

Hands Moist says:

Hi dunno if you would remember me in particular but i was one of the ppl who messaged you a few years ago on tumblr asking for a piece of advice. Your reply meant so much to me and i still go back and read it from time to time.โ˜บ๏ธ Always looking forward to your videos and hope you're having a great day!x

Goshy Illana says:

I love you ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for this ideas ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Roland van Egmond says:

Looks yummy, but what a lot of cupcakes!

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