Chocolate Banana Ice Cream! 3 ingredient recipe!

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A quick fix, healthier treat when you’re craving something sweet!! Order my new cookbook EAT.LIVE.GO:

Check out the recipe here:

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uhavemooface says:

I made this before. About four to five years ago. Its really good.

sari1484 says:

Add some unsweetened cocoa powder, walnuts and some organic honey if u dont have chocolate and its just as delicious 😋

Magical Life Of Fruit says:

Yum yum this is a yummy recipe. I love these non-dairy recipes myself, they are so easy to make and have so many easy options for them!!
I have a loads of fruit recipes and tutorials myself
I would love it if you would check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

Collection Pink LOVE says:

Yum! I would add cinnamon! 🙂

Sarah Loukia says:

Greaaaaaat je 👌😍😍

Sonia Chaudhry says:

how many calories/sugar is this?????

Lori Price says:

how many bannanas

UrbanExplorer1000 says:

too much sugar and causes bloat

Ishaal Khan says:

How many bnanas r there?

Donny Abbott says:

Going to be making homemade banana 🍌 , crunchy peanut butter ,chocolate 🍫 homemade icecream

Justin Case says:

Looks fantastic , Delicious , actually !
& The "icecream" looks good as well =)

dani macdonald says:

I'm the process of freezing the bananas will be making this in two hours

徐玉霖 says:

turns out you smash something then it can be called "ice cream" how genius lol

Cecilia Colley says:

Can I mash the bananas up when they are soft instead? I don't have a blender. 🙁

Dian Dian Jonas-Walsh says:

I love this guy! Guilt free ice cream is the best!

Anela botta says:

Is that chocolate ice cream

Christina House says:

I would do mint chocolate chip cuz I love it sooo much…

F . Aathika Nassar says:

Ahhhhh OMG he has blue eyes😍

jachzpeter14 says:

How much banana?

Evi Aspro says:

Amazing! An other awesome idea is banana-caramel ice cream! It is so easy to make caramel, just boil a can of sweet condensed milk for two hours, and when you open it, voile a! Tasty caramel to mix with your banana ice cream 😄 🍨

Justin Pritchard says:

In my experience, you don't need to leave them on the counter for 15 minutes before making banana ice cream. I just go for it right as they come out of the freezer. and have never had issues.

Ayushi Gupta says:

thanks!! donal 😘😘 Ur so cute

Whos Dis says:

…..aaannnnddd a 3 minute 30 second video…..

Jess M says:

He threw the spoon…

shaikh sahab says:

its easy and perfect thx♥

Bec Witham says:

banana, maple syrup and nutella!

rida naveed ilahi says:

Who watches this but never makes it 💜❤️

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