Chewy and Soft Gingerbread Cookies [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

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The best vegan gluten-free chewy and soft gingerbread cookies that will fill your house with holiday flavours. It’s a quick and easy recipe requiring 8 ingredients and 45 minutes to make.

Henceforth, it’s a simple homemade recipe for those who love gingerbread with all the perfect spices that come with it. I use my own homemade gingerbread spice mix for this recipe. I definitely recommend making a big batch for the holiday season – it comes handy if you bake as often as I do or love to use the spice mix anywhere you can, e.g. even in your morning porridge.

Another key point is that my gluten-free soft gingerbread cookies are also as healthy as they can get – they do not contain refined sugar (not even brown sugar), refined flours and oils or butter. Furthermore, my soft gingerbread cookies come without molasses.

How to make healthy chewy and soft gingerbread cookies
I’ve been obsessed with chickpeas in gluten-free vegan baking ever since I discovered chickpea cookie dough bites. So, it felt very natural to include them into this year’s gingerbread cookies recipe.
It’s very easy to achieve chewiness if you don’t use any refined ingredients – whole foods naturally need chewing before you can swallow them. This in turn results in better digestion and consuming smaller quantities as your brain will have time to receive the “full stomach” signal. So, no melting in your mouth like with refined flours, sugar and butter.
While almost all the ingredients contribute to chewiness (except salt, sweetener and plant milk), the softness comes from… well, soft batter! However, it’s not as simple as that! The batter stays soft after baking because it has very little grain-based flour in it – most of the mass is chickpeas, tahini and nut flour that do not absorb much liquid.

What makes them the best soft gingerbread cookies?
Refined sugar free
Suitable for those on low glycemic diet and vegan Candida diet
Diabetic friendly
Kid-approved – my kid’s classmate loved them when he was over. In fact, he couldn’t get enough ☺
Low in grains

Decoration ideas for my soft gingerbread cookies
You can go for my vegan sugar-free Royal icing or vegan cream cheese frosting My Royal icing is made of xylitol and is therefore suitable also for those on low glycemic diet or Candida diet. Check the recipe post for all the natural colourings you can use to spice things up!
Finally, you can also make use of rubber stamps, cookie forms and chopsticks to create beautiful patterns. I used a bigger and smaller star-shaped cookie form and a chopstick for the patterns you see on photos. In the video I utilised a small fork to shape the cookies and to draw stripes on top of them.

How to store my soft gingerbread cookies:
Given that you’ll have some cookies left over, feel free to leave them in a container or cookie jar on kitchen counter (with lid loosely on) for up to 24 hours. In case you don’t mind the cookies drying up a bit, you might leave them even longer.
In my opinion it’d be the best to freeze he cookies as soon as they’ve cooled down. Put the cookies in a freezer friendly container or zip lock bag and freeze for up to 1 month (or even longer). Heat them up in oven or microwave whenever you need a quick bite or a convenient go-to snack.

Finally, please let me know what you think of my chewy and soft gingerbread cookies recipe! After all, I’ve never come across any gingerbread cookies using chickpeas before! Leave me a comment below! If you make this recipe and post about it, please tag me – I’d love to see your creations!

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Neeme Liivlaid says:

These are really yummy! 🙂

Home Love says:

Hi, do you have a post somewhere explaining molasses? Why avoid it? I find that A LOT of gingerbread recipes online have this ingredient, but I've never seen it and even after much searching I never found it. Can you please explain molasses?

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