Cheesy Broccoli Potato Soup| VEGAN| #5daysoffall

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Hey hey and thanks for tuning into another video. To continue our 5 days of fall series I will be sharing with you a warm cheesy veggie-filled soup with the star of the show Cheesy broccoli& potato soup. I hope that you are enjoying this cozy fall weather that we are having along with these 5 days of fall recipes.
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2 (24oz) packs of broccoli florets
3 containers of vegetable broth
1pack vegan cheese
6-8 medium gold potatoes
Salt and season to taste


Vicki Steele says:

This looks so good!!! Thanks!

rabbit 1991 says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing 👍

Simone Alana says:

I absolutely love making soups. I always put things in too small of a pot 🤣🤣 This looks like such a great recipe and it looks delicious. Thank you so much for sharing 😋😋

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