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High Carb Hannah says:

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Annlej1 says:

THE music is very annoying! But the soup I Love it ❤️

Krista MacKinnon says:

I love this recipe! I make it all the time!

Ang C says:

What was that at :45 ????

Suzanne Saari says:

This recipe is so simple and delicious my Vegan Family loves it!!!!
Thanks Hannah

Bridget Carr says:

The water from boiled potatoes should be drained as it full of starch.

Seynab Ali says:

How much calories per serving? Im thinking like 150?

Melissa Young says:

I made this and it was delicious! Me and my partner finished the whole thing.

HT international says:

This by far was the easiest and fastest video loved it I will try this 😋😋

Simple Pam says:

Omg!!! I have to make this

Madeline says:

Omg. I can’t wait to make this! Would it be ok to use a regular blender?

Fran Aniley Vargas G says:

I Tried this and it's the best recipe I have ever made for cold winter

UneCoccinelleRouge says:

I made this for the first time tonight, OMG sooo good!! I kept it chunky like a stew and served it over rice with a sprinkle of salt. <3

Stephanie Bates says:

Sooo freaking good. Seriously DELICIOUS

dcgfhgjnzgfnjcbgn says:

I think you accidentally used the wrong song for this video

naomie foster says:

I this under a different name in the book?

jmonta21 says:

What kind of stone is your engagement ring?

Love Cynth says:

Literally just made this recipe, love it 👌🏼

Annlej1 says:

Thank you for the most delicious soup recipe 😀 I make it several times a week atm lol so good!!

Nicole Kerwin says:

What non stick pots and pans are you using. I'm trying to cut out oil for cooking. Thanks!

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