BuzzFeed Recipes Tested – 3 Healthy Vegan Buzzfeed Dinner Recipes

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BuzzFeed Recipes Tested – 3 Healthy Vegan Buzzfeed Dinner Recipes. I have tested out 3 buzzfeed vegan dinner recipes. I am in love with the first, the second looked nothing like the picture & the third didnt make much sense. I love these vegan recipes though and will definitely be making them again. Thumbs up for BuzzFeed Recipes Tested – 3 Healthy Vegan Buzzfeed Dinner Recipes

Danis Video –

BuzzFeed Article –
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Eboni Hanson says:

the sweet potatoes look soo good

Aria Smith says:

This Dinner recipes looks delicious and simple too, nice video, Love this sharing so much!!!

Janet Donald says:

Xehat spices did you put on the chickpeas? I would love to make it but you just said add the spices…..more info please,

Jo Ann Warner says:

I really want to try the sweet potatoes but where is the recipe?

Jerome Apuan says:

Useless video no measurements just copied from somewhere you don't even mention where.

Adventure Mango honey says:

i am not vegan but i am willing to try this

Nang Nuon says:

What are the spices??

Tenn White says:

I'm really trying to get my family to enjoy sweet potatoes….that recipe looks amazing! Im definitely trying that one! Thanks dear 😉

Natalia Sarandeses says:

what is the lip color?? i absolutely love itt

KGurlz TV Toy Show says:

Definately trying the sweet potatoes.

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

Great stuff!

racheal Hampton says:

The salad looked awesome I love avocado

Harrrgh says:

I love when Buzzfeed delves into plant-based food, especially since I'm vegan now.

AussieBattler says:

10/10 for a stunner

Gregory Neysmith Chang says:

what are the seasonings that you mixed up and put on the chick peas ?

Manisha Dorawala says:

Thanks for these great recipes from Buzzfeed!

Alicia Ceballo says:

The intro song sounds exactly like Radio Audrey's intro.

Ravin Kalugampitiya says:

Your lips with that lipstick reminds me of the into scene from rocky horror picture show.

good future says:

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Elizabeth T says:

YUMMMM i recently went vegan and these look absolutely delicious! Cant wait to try them

Carmelita Armenta says:

Is it weird that I wish I had her job ?

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