Butter Bean Chickpea Curry Recipe | Vegan Coconut Milk Curry

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Before the lock down we shot this butter bean chickpea curry as we thought we’d share as many pandemic pantry videos as we could to give people ideas of what to cook with ingredients in their house. We always have tins of chickpea and butter bean in our kitchen as we rarely cooking without them. Curry Powder is also something that is an absolute must for us. There are so many thing you can make into a curry once you have curry powder and it can get you out of a bind. If anyone has made a recipe of ours we’d love to see it. Tag us on instagram @thehappypear

Butter Bean Chickpea Curry recipe here: https://www.happypearcourses.com/easy-spiced-chickpea-and-butterbean-curry

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Dave & Steve.

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Valente Zaldívar Lara says:

Great vid, straight to da point. Marvelous!


How about cilantro?

Icilda Willis says:

Thank you for sharing great food, yummy healthy and delicious.

ALIVIAlive says:

I made this for dinner tonight. It was delicious! Thank you 🙂

Dwaine Lloyd says:

Only brothers would wipe the spoon off on their shirt and share it!!! Love it! Can’t wait to try this recipe.

craig o'donnell says:

You guys are superb, keep up the good job Twinnies

Brooks Webb says:

Just now made this for our Easter dinner. Since my wife and I are keeping social distance and no physical church gathering we are eating what WE WANT.

I just ate a sample of it and it is so good.

Dwight says:

can i freeze this for later?

Steve Benjamin says:

I just made this, no leeks so used onions and added some spinach at the end it was delicious! thanks

angechrissy says:

Yup! this will be our meal prep next week.

Veronica Power says:

I would love to see a curry using soya yoghurt with some corn flour to stop it separating I’ve heard it’s meant to be lovely! I can’t have coconut milk 😩

Noveley says:

I cant cook this. There are not two Happy Pears in the Vid. That is fraud!

Dave Saunders says:

You guys are slowly changing my eating habits and I'm very grateful. Cheers guys

August Denys says:

Ever since I started cooking Curry I've loved putting Mushrooms in them. For some reason cooking mushrooms in curry gets rid of the texture problem I have had with them otherwise. I just wish my store offered more than baby portabella so I could try others.

Delma Bond says:

Yes,trying this one tonight!!!!😀👌🏻

Every Healthy Bite says:

I love the idea of combining beans and chickpeas! It makes it so hearty. Loved it 🙂

Jack Whitford says:

I’d just like to thank the pair of you guys all the way from Australia! I’m vegetarian (for a year now) making the transition to vegan. Your recipes and energy are my inspiration. They are so delicious, healthy and easy! Haven’t had a bad one yet. Appreciate the effort 😊

Linda Ullen says:

Would you link the non-stick pan you use? I’m in the market…thanks!

clam85 says:

you handsome, handsome fellas 🙂

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