BUFFALO CHICKPEA QUESADILLAS | must-try vegan quesadillas

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This is my favorite quesadilla recipe – I hope you all love it! If you make the recipe, tag me on Instagram @rainbowplantlife!

BUFFALO CHICKPEA QUESADILLAS: https://www.rainbowplantlife.com/blog/vegan-buffalo-chickpea-quesadillas
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Maitrey S says:

You had me at 'sexy'
These look absolutely delicious!

Hafiz Williams says:

Usually I just watch recipe videos for entertainment, but I actually want to try cooking this one 😍

Melanie Mcallister says:

this is like the most relatable cooking video ever

Average Laura says:

I freaking love you. I just discovered you and now I’ve binged like 20 videos 😂

nbaagent5 says:

Love this recipe but I'm going to make the cheese with a potato and carrot with everything minus the yogurt

Vegan Space Scientist says:

My girlfriend makes these and they're so good! Watching this has me drooling.

hlongs hlongs says:

Lovely recipe. I will make this for my "quarantine picnic" tomorrow. I enjoyed this video so much.😂😍

Edwina Caparelli says:

I love that you don't edit out the funny stuff. You rock!

Positive Holistic Vegans says:

I have never put cumin in my guacamole. Making some this weekend will have to try! Namaste <3

Yareli Barragan says:

This editing is everything please dont stop 💛

Daniella Scher says:

I am ecstatic I've found your channel!! Just watched this video and totally loved everything, from the food to your sense of humor. Gonna binge watch a million more vids now and looking forward to all your future content 🥰

Julian Godinez says:

This looks so goooooooood omg cant wait to make em. So happy I discovered your channel today! Always such a pleasant moment when I find more black/brown vegan youtubers <33

Taylor Loftus says:

Ok soooo this is my new favorite food. This sauce is AMAZING!!! I can’t stop raving about it. 🤤🤤

Sam McReynolds says:

One of my new faves!! This recipe is awesome! Thanks!! 🤩

ptfernan says:

Is the nutritional yeast essential? I can't find any where I'm at. Anyone?

Amaya Khamil says:

I tried this. It was so easy and tasted BOMB! Thank you for this recipe 💕💕💕

Laura Hershey says:

Husband calling you out is so cute! Get him on cam more 🙂

Dani Torres says:

Anyone who starts a video by saying "shit" is alright by me! 😂 SUBSCRIBED!

Starla Sell says:

I have the buffalo chickpeas made, starting cheese now! 👌😁

1024specialkay says:

been wanting to watch this after your IG story!!

Master Blackthorne says:

You're not losing it, honey, you're doing just fine. Thanks for the wonderful recipes!

C C says:

i made them last night!! they were delicious!!!! omg. leftovers today were even better! love it.

TheBuffVeganBlondie says:

You remind me of Sandra Bullock 🖤

Balsher Singh says:

Hi I am new to being vegan .I am struggling with to find plain yogurt which taste like just regular yogurt.Do you know how to make one or where to find one ?

christopher finch says:

Im loving the new style video content, I can tell your allowing more of your personality to shine through, I love your content I’ve made a few of your dishes and they taste amazing ❤️

Trish Heard says:

Thanks for sharing! Can’t want to try this. I’ll use some of the juice from the chickpeas to sauté the onions and garlic tho to make it an oil free recipe 😊

annadayl says:

Great video, I'm gonna try making these at some point 🙂

Gabriella Abbate says:

Hahahaa love this!! I was laughing when she dropped the nutritional yeast that’s something I’d do for sure🤣

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