Buckwheat Cake Recipe : Vegan Desserts

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Buckwheat cake is a delicious vegan treat that uses a number of great ingredients. Learn about a buckwheat cake recipe with help from a published cookbook author in this free video clip.

Expert: Elizabeth Frayne
Contact: elizabethfrayne.com
Bio: Elizabeth Frayne is an author of a book called, “ADHD to Clarity, Recipes for Health.”
Filmmaker: Mark May

Series Description: It isn’t difficult to adopt a healthy vegan lifestyle right in your very own home. Get tips on cooking a wide variety of different delicious vegan desserts with help from a published cookbook author in this free video series.


Penny harkness says:

GET ON WITH IT ELIZABETH !!!!!!! All talk and no Action !!!!!! Very strange

sawadee says:

can i add cocoa powder and how much

Pascale Devalet says:

Come on lady. Instead of talking you should show us the step. Hope next time you dont came and blablabla. Show us the recipe Action please.

Lynn Lynn says:

Cool recipe, I'm going to make this cake.

john1212333333333333 says:

"There's buckwheat cakes and injun batter
It'll make you fat or a little fatter
Look away, look away, look away, Dixie Land"

Boutiquelemon says:

i really like this recipie:) but why dont you show yourself actually making it? because its really confusing.

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