Brown Rice minced Meat Paella by Create Cooking's Channel

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Brown Rice minced Meat Paella

2 ½ cup brown rice, 3 oz diced green pepper, 3 oz diced celery, 3 oz diced carrot, 2 oz diced potatoes, 1 ½ oz diced onion, 1 ½ oz diced mushroom, 3 oz cooked minced beef, 1 oz vegetable oil, 1 oz olive oil.
Spices: 1 tea spoon carry powder, 1 tea spoon jerk spices, 1 tea spoon salt, 1 ½ Chicken stock powder.
Garnish: 1 oz raisin, ½ shredded almonds, 1 oz dehydrated onion, a bit vegetable oil.

Chef Asak


Abbas Mohamed says:

paella in Arabic means the food remains , in Andulisia the Arab Cook used to cook all the remaining rice ,meats etc together and this meal appeared

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