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A traditional treat with rice & curry this brinjal pahie/ Moju (Deep fried Brinjals picked in a sweet & sour syrup) is surprisingly easy to make. Just a few simple ingredients is all it takes. The dominant flavors are sweet, sour and mildly spicy with an underlying bitter taste from the deep fried brinjals. It keeps well for weeks but never lasts that long because it is so delicious!

Enjoy with Sri Lankan rice & curry or with yellow rice or fried rice and accompaniments as traditionally served on special occasions.


Sharon Parker says:

Oh this looks good too, I have been making the recipe from the Ceylon Daily News Cookbook and it has quite a list of ingredients including coconut milk. I will try your recipe tomorrow as I have all the ingredients and I am making a beef curry.

G MacG says:

Brilliant Recipe Aasai. I will be responding to your missive in a couple of days if it is OK with you. Cheers. It was good to hear from you

komalmotwani1 says:

Looks absolutely delicious and mouth watering. Will definitely try to make it

G MacG says:

WoW Aasai. I made this dish as per your instructions, and found it absolutely YUMMO. I included some of the long Green Chillies in it, and upon tasting, I went into orbit. Many thanks for sharing.

Jay Moon says:

So clear instructions maam. Thanks for sharing

Chiku Bee says:

Looks so good

Regina Daniel says:

Thanks for uploading this video ….

Shurfa Nazar says:

and also ma'am can u also upload quick and easy breakfast and evening snack recipes?? Please???

Shurfa Nazar says:

Ma'am what can I substitute for vinegar?

Stella Thas says:

Delicious 😀
I love it.

Ayomi Fernando says:

thanks sister😘

Moshanthi Suzuki says:

This is one of my favorite of yours as it turns out perfectly. Thank you for sharing. Could you please recommend best way to store it. I keep in the refrigerator and lightly heat up, it is not right I feel. Thank you.

areej ahmed says:

Wow i tried it it's just perfect and tasty thank u..

Steve Hoge says:

Would you recommend coconut oil or something else?

gastric creeb says:

hi why is it called pahie?

Ayesha Piumi Attale says:

tried this and came put perfectly. great recepe

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