Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Under $2! Easy Vegan Recipes – Mind Over Munch

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Easy vegan budget meals! Healthy pancakes, curry soup, and a one pot dinner! Healthy vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner – all for UNDER $1.90 FOR THE DAY! Ideas inspired by an amazing cause: The FeedONE Campaign from The American Foundation for Children with AIDS!
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The American Foundation for Children with AIDS:
#FeedONE Campaign Info:
How to Participate (sign up through link above, and see more info there)
– Calculate what you normally would have spent on food during that week and donate anything over the $1.90 allotted for daily consumption
– If you are unable to take the challenge, you can donate an amount equal to what you normally spend on food for a week.
– Ask friends and family to support your efforts to help provide food for AFCA’s children.

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Gloria says:

This is.. unrealistic. That soup yields 6 servings???? I would eat that entire soup for one meal. Who would get full from one serving of these recipes

R Oki says:

These banana pancakes are a star for breakfast in my home now. I have a way to use up the bananas that have turned spotty that the kids won't eat but they eat the pancakes like crazy. I add cinnamon and they feel fancy. I'm actually making them now for my mid week meal prep for the rest of the week. They can grab a few and eat while out the door or on the weekends I can sleep late and they have a yummy breakfast

Sam says:

Genuine question here how do children get aids, isn’t it an std. once again I’m not trying to sound insensitive I’m just wondering

Kay B83 says:

This relates & is excellent!
The Financial Diet: cut grocery bill in half

Indu Kumar says:

You can cook lentil and rice together like how you cook basic rice.It works perfectly.You can finish the whole cooking in 20 min.Don't have to cook lentil first and rice next .This is a regular everyday meal in all ndian home.Its Called "Paruppu Saadham".( paruppu(lentil) saadham (cooked rice)).

demekonrn says:

As an adult I figured I ate poorly because that's what I was taught but I completely distorted the truth. My mother definitely served me beets, lentils, 3bean salad; she also told us that fast food caused cancer. She sometimes kept a small garden for vegetables & we often were made to pick fresh fruit and peas at local fields with her. Dammit she taught us good things but I grew up & seemed to forget. Thank you momma.

Hajar ShSu says:

Been watching your channel for 2 weeks now, and i just wanna try everything. I made the oatmeal pancakes today, and made my own chocolate syrup (3 tsp of dark chocolate powder/1 tbsp of milk/5 dates) it tasted so good, but failed to look like a pancake. Maybe i added too much water, but i also added half a banana to thicken it, but still i wasn't able to flip it. Any advice?

Elie Barbar says:

Lmao I decided to make the lunch recipe today so I came back for the video and I realized that I also made the pancakes this morning but with almond milk

walklittlelady says:

Why do my pancakes fall apart when I'm trying to flip them 😭

Holly Martinez says:

Making banana oat pancakes!

Dominique Ortega says:

Can I use almond milk if I don't have coconut milk

StephanieSalvatore says:

i'm confused how the calories were less than what is consumed for this meals. can someone give me a caloric break down for each? I went to her website and found the pancakes is roughly 405 calories. does that mean 1 pancake is 405?

Sheena Fletcher says:

Just made the pancakes to take with me to work tomorrow morning. I added the peanut butter in blender with everything else and it came out so good even my 5 year old liked it

michael verner says:

I love your recipes!!!

Simantini Sinha says:

Basmati rice are costly and plus what u are spraying? ??

Mitch Itseh says:

How the hell is this a dollar pancake that spray is not a dollar

Alexis Smith says:

love this video. I'm on budget and this is perfect

Alexis Smith says:

love this video. I'm on budget and this is perfect

Mitchell Loney says:

It works out to $1.80 a day have to have like $10 to just get the stuff. You can't eat for $1 a day unless you can find ingredients for pennies

Sarah Seguin says:

You know what would be really cool? Doing a $2 a day for a week. But literally only doing either $10 for 5 days or $14 for 7 and reusing the ingredients

seattlejayde says:

This sounds awesome!!!

L0gan0ne says:

The work you do on your channel is nothing short of phenominal for a lot of people. I hope you're able to continue doing this for a very long time.

Jisel Campos says:

You Are "The Best" fast creative ideas inexpensive.
Love Ya I already eat all that

Shelley Maxwell Channel says:

With your videos, I think I will make it. They are succinct and easy to follow.

Barbie Timothy Potter says:

I prefer Mable syrup on my pancakes

Raluca Maria says:

A sweet potato is like 2 $ in my country

Just Jerin says:

Oats cost like 1.00 Bananas are by pound so basically 1.00 win-win!

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