Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesadillas | Forks Over Knives

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These vegan quesadillas are a regular with the Engine 2 plant-strong Hall family. They are simple to make and very satisfying. Full recipe here:


Shari T says:

I love these! These are a regular at my house. A small bunch of cilantro is great in these.

wiseandgreen says:

Lo siento, this is not a quesadilla. No queso (cheese), no quesadilla.

Godswrathishere says:

HATE the music with this and other annoying. I prefer a voice with the recipes and maybe a face to go along with it.
Looks great though.

Lobo says:

Que Bueno! My kind of fast-food, vegan-style. FOK – Yeah, ya doin' it good.

Ryan Tinney says:

Looks great.

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