BIGGEST Plate of NACHOS I've Ever Had (VEGAN)

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I meet up with friends to do a photo shoot and eat at a new to us restaurant and check out all their vegan options. We find the biggest plate of vegan nachos we’ve ever seen and more.
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Prevan Warrior Princess says:

Dang you guys can EAT!!! Lol

tristanwaters says:

love your channel – I am here with Nicole klepper …..I am vegan – Have a vegan/ naturalist channel – would love your help with my channel and subscription from your network: tristan waters

Allison Lewis says:

When you are consuming baked goods how do you ensure that they are not made with vanilla, or if they are that the vanilla is not alcohol based?

Deb JB says:

BLAQ SQUARE is sooooo good!! I miss that restaurant! The nachos are enough for 4 people. The cinnamon rolls, burgers, fries & pizza, Just wow!!!!

desi1790 says:

Damn that looks real good!!

Ellen Henderson says:

Sooo glad I discovered this channel.

Ellen Henderson says:

Reason to go to Valencia now. Hmm.

Sheena biggerstaff says:

OMG, that pizza looks SOO good!

Britt Slater says:

You guys chillin in the salt cave was amazing!

therealvegan runner says:

The alcohol is cooked out of the batter when it's deep fried or they wouldn't be able to sell it to children beer is vegan for the most part

johnny questt says:

well dun, compadres 🐯✌

Reese Lives says:

Thanks for the recommendation.πŸ‘πŸ½ @iconiceats (formerly @blaqsquare) knocked it out of the park! My #vegan soul and tummy are singing! #santaclarita #valencia

melinda oquinn says:

those nachos looked epic

Mary's Test Kitchen says:

oh my goodness. love those times when you can go somewhere and order ERTHANG!!

Bernice Sipes says:

All the food look delicious 🍽️

B r a n d i says:

Where was this?

Jennifer DePanicis says:

I am so jealous of you guys, everything looks delicious!

The BITELYS says:

WOW, those nachos! Everything else looks delicious. Now following them!

Lauren Elvington says:

Lol how high where yall on a scale from 1-10? Haha awesome video. Thanks

EmeraldGecko1975 says:

Looks like Minecraft!
Them salt caves

SassyShante says:

I am sooooo hungry now!

Vegan Cumshot says:

whatever dude you'll never be me

Nancy Plants says:

Now I want nachos REAL BAD…

Mac Wacha says:

I want it ALL! TFS

Byron Murphy says:

They should rename that plate taco towers.

Byron Murphy says:

Looks like the movie the hills have eyes, I wouldn't be hanging around out there 😁

Byron Murphy says:

Those pizzas your friend had on the last video were epic, he should do a vegan man v food.

Dusty Dye says:

Those are the most epic nachos ever.

RonneeSue Scott says:

OMG another video on the 55 inch TV πŸ“Ί! Your photo shoot was kewl. But the food looked incredible! It looked like it was coming through the screen! I wish we had restaurants like that in Kenosha, WI. Will you be doing videos when you go to LA for the conference Chris? Looking forward to them. I think you should make a Mac n πŸ§€ cheese πŸ• pizza. Thx for another awesome video! You rock!

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