Best Plant Based Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip

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I can still eat Cheese Dip AND Bean Dip?!!!! Yes you can and you don’t have to worry one little bit because it is fully Plant Based and good for you! “This is great as a snack, a meal or for a appetizer when guests come for dinner =)
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Theocraticlady 1 says:

Got an idea. Why don't you just sell that cheese sauce so we can speed up the process😅 Looks delicious.

lemireba1 says:

I'm curious how sweet the raisins make the cheese dip. Anyone know?

onefoot7 says:

You are the Master of Nutritarian Cooking, by Far….

Jenna Lemieux says:

Yummy! Can't wait to make this!

Matthew Bennett says:

wonderful. I really enjoy your posts

Gloria Perconti says:

Thank you so much for sharing! 👍🏼

julie lowery says:

Is there anything you can use in place of nutritional yeast, or would it be ok without it?

Jelly Bean says:

Your recipe says 2 onions for the bean dip. Is that correct? Seems like a lot of onion so I just wanted to clarify. Thank you for the recipe! Definitely trying this one!!

Rosa Payne says:

let us see the blending it is for learning how it all works

S S says:

I can't wait to try this full recipe, it looks amazing! I already know the cheese sauce is amazing as I have tried that and I'm making it regularly at this point. So far I've made it for vegan chili cheese fries (baked, plain, oil free "fries"… so easy and so good!) and I just wanted to comment on here about how AMAZING this cheese sauce goes with chili!!!!! If you haven't already tried it, I highly recommend it. The only adjustments I make to my own taste is that I like to use more nutritional yeast and I prefer to use 1/4 tsp of himalayan salt instead of Bragg's. This nacho sauce has become a permanent staple for me, I adore it. Thank you so much for perfecting these recipes! I would have never thought to use raisins and things like that… brilliant.

Also, I've had some non-vegans try this and they loved it just as much as I do!

Rashidah Ali says:

Hi where did you get your blender?

Aldo Sandoval says:

I love your recipes beautiful lady!!

gloria mackenzie says:

this is the third time ive made it, and WOW you i think i tried every GF cheese sauce on youtube, but yours is the the cats MEOW.i used dates this time cause i was out of raisins and i liked it even better.thank you for all ur hard work and for sharing.i really believe the smoked paprika and the little sweetness is what puts it over the TOP .having said that all the other ones i tried were very good as well.hope u r havin a great day. BETTY FROM NOVA SCOTIA

gimbutas1 says:

I put smoked paprika and soy sauce on chips before baking, They burned. I toast my chips first then add toppings. Get a pump oil sprayer. Spray one side of chips. Sprinkle with smoked pap and salt. Much better. Could you sub cashew yogurt for soaked cashews?

Holly Darnell says:

Where can you buy oil or lard free tortillas?

Alexander Castle says:

oh and HUGEEE THX for your shows cause those receipies are rare and hard to find,, its always your face i see when i search whole food plant based lol xD,, also put my fkin search on euro but you seem more american,, dont tell me i dont wanna ruin your beauty with american disgusting lack of respect for our world (well majority sry not all) 🙁 but sadly the worse in the whole world? well china coal i hear is worse

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