Best Ever Vegan Egg Salad Recipe – Great for Sandwiches!

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This vegan egg salad recipe is quick and easy to make and is a fabulous substitute for traditional egg salad.

If you are wanting to eat more plant foods or are transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, then this is a must try eggless recipe 🙂

Vibrant color, great texture and an amazing eggy flavor… this can be eaten as is or on sandwiches.

This is a plant based “egg” salad without the cholesterol of the traditional version 🙂

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Recipe by Cooking With Plants

Enjoy xx







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H8BingLied2 Greg says:

Wow, that looks great! ❤️

Nanette Winston - Armstrong says:

Yum , I occassionally like an egg salad sandwich , as a quick go to fast meal . I never really found a close version to the real egg salad dish though . I def want to try Your recipe . Hmm butter beans , interesting n the black salt I def want to get !
I also Love D '' eggs , I've seen one YT video on a Vegan version with the White half of the egg' n egg yellow filling looking realistic
I want to see if I still have the link
(I posted it a while back on FB ) I'll send it to You . I forgot what She used to make the White part of that appetizer ……. Anyway Thanksgivings to You too )

* I found it , She also used the black salt n made the White half part with an egg half mold , Agar Agar n Almond milk , then made the filling .

jade brown says:

I absolutely love your channel 😍

Sheila Morin says:

I thought soy products had a undesirable affect on hormones is that true? Answered my own question If you like tofu, or opt for soy milk over dairy, concerns about the health effects of soy may have piqued yourinterest. … Soy is a phytoestrogen, or a plant based estrogen. It contains two isoflavones, genistein and daidzein, which act like estrogen (the femalesex hormone) within the body

latiolaisgradnigo says:

That intro sounds like a SNL skit lol time to upgrade.

barbersurgeon says:

I bumped into this YT by chance; I'm feeling lucky. This is the first cooking demo I come across that ACTUALLY DEMONSTRATES AS IT EXPLAINS! No intro blurb that's so annoying when you're in a hurry to know how and what to do… Lady if your other demos are like this, you're my mentor. My thumbs up for this video! I've got all the ingredients in the kitchen; I'll try it now!!!

Cristina Torres says:

Just had this today, so good!! Really who needs oil! Thank you!!

cat sniffer says:

Why isn't this called tofu Salad sandwich? Is there a problem naming it after what it is? I always call veggie foods by the veggies in them. I'd never call this egg since it's vegan. it's not eggs, and I'm highly allergic to eggs anyhow. So the name is a put off.

Susan Rodman says:

So excited to try this! Looks awesome….can you tell me the brand of the little blender you used? Thank you! Love your recipes 🤗

Gwendolyn Smith says:

Can you use white beans

Mike King says:

I have some bad news for you. You have been misdirected into thinking the "cholesterol" in eggs is bad for you by the medical profession. It is a complete misdirecting LIE. I do not say this without extensive research. The fact of the matter is sugar and oil is the primary cause of most cardiovascular and other related illnesses. Did you know that the brain is made up of 75% cholesterol? Did you know that cholesterol is so important to the body that it is the only substance the liver can p[roduce on its own. Did you know that the cholesterol build up in arteries is the bodies healing method to inflammation? Now…. it gets worse…….. did you know soy is absolutely tearable for your body. Dr. Glidden., Charlotte Gerson. Dr. Wallach., Dr. Gonzalez. Food and health is a tool to promote illness…. not reduce it. The entire global medical profession is a wealth extraction machine …. nothing more. Stay away from Soy, sugar, oil and more (study) Eating eggs is absolutely no problem….. period…. end of discussion. You have been duped. Research.

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