BEST EVER PIZZA WITH VEGAN MOZZARELLA | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley

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This is the episode 8 from Season Three, the final episode from the series! VEGAN PIZZA’S!!! I made these vegan pizzas in an outdoor wood fired pizza oven, however they can be made just as well in a conventional oven set at 200 degrees C. You will learn how to make vegan pizza mozzarella, the tomato pizza sauce & the pizza bread base! I hope you enjoy the video & tag me in any vegan pizza pictures if you recreate. Thanks Gaz

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avantgardevegan says:

all my recipes are written here! 😎

Mary Davidson says:

There is absolutely no denying that his family are the luckiest group of people ever!

Titiana Rasputin says:

There are soooo many things wrong with this video. So many times he says something and does the exact opposite. And ROTATE your pizza ffs.

paulette drinkwalter says:

I wanted to say I just got my plants only necklace today🙌🙌🙌🙌

Emma Ayu H says:

Another blow up recipe 😱👍😆😋👨‍🍳

under the weather says:

Looks great but I really dont understand why you dont list gram measurements in your recipe. It would make it so much easier to follow your recipe.

Life In China {MIK} says: nice..hmmmyummy.

Adriano Montanarelli says:

I' m italian and I hate vegan, but the pizza was made in the right way…but, sorry..vegan mozzarella is pure shit

Kelly B says:

Accidentally did 4 cups of water, but now I have enough dough for 12 pizzas 😖

Con D. Oriano says:

What can I use instead of white miso for the cheese? My supermarket doesn’t have it

Leo Azir Ra says:

Niiiiiice job with that whoooole recipe bro you aced it. As for me, I'm gonna try using adding a little touch of psyllium husk powder to the dough mixture which may increase the body and rising of the pizza crust 👌🏾 Great job AG #Salute

KleverAnon says:

My eyes became wide open once i heard a sound that crust makes 🤤😋🍕

Go Vegan says:

I made this pizza with garlic and basil pesto. So scrumptious thank you for making my food taste amazing!

Yvonne Marshall says:

Cooking your lovely Pizza first time ever making my own Vegan Pizza yummy Yvonne mullion Cornwall England

Ellange Piano says:

You're incredible man !
Bless you

John S says:

gaz, there is a typo in the bread making portion of the video. it says to use 4.5 cups flour. i did this and it's way too soupy. checked your website and the written recipe says 1.5 cups, which is probably the right number. now i got to throw it out

Matt Essency says:

So just an idea obviously when corona is over but I'd like to see you do reviews of vegan restaurants. Just an idea

Hhjb Ggh says:

i really wanted to like this but i could not get passed the vegan cheese 🙁
idk if i bought the wrong miso past idk

OzaAh says:

mozzarella has milk which isn’t vegan love do some research ❤️

softbatch! says:

Werk, Action! He's everything.

joseph dunn says:


Dark Vador says:


C Ndupuechi says:

Just got the book- it’s great. Want to cook every one!

Shamanic Chronicles says:

How can anyone dislike his cooking videos, they are made with so much love…

LoreZyra . TV says:

Have you published a recipe book?

Arush bhansali says:

I am born vegan but this will be my first time cooking pizza at home

Javinia Swiatek says:

Does anybody know if I should buy unroasted cashews or roasted cashews as the ingredient for the cheese sauce?

Love Light says:

Mmmmm… Another one!! 😁♥️🎉

YuTubeAccount4 says:

Name Change idea: Avant-Garden

Yossi Klein says:

gr8 cook, I use lots of your recipes, just why not use healthier flour, such as whole spelt, instead of white bread flour, for your pizzas?

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