BEGINNER VEGAN RECIPES | 10 recipes you need in your life

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☀︎Buddha Bowl
buddha bowls
better-than-chipotle burrito bowl
☀︎Vegan nachos
☀︎Tofu scramble
☀︎Roasted veggies –– sweet potatoes, etc…
broccoli & brussels sprouts
sweet potatoes
☀︎Lentil meatballs
☀︎Simple salad dressing
how to make a bomb salad every time!
☀︎Sweet potato burgers
☀︎Chickpea tuna
☀︎Simple curry
tikka masala
thai green curry (thumbnail recipe)
☀︎Vegan fried “chicken”

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Janee' Harris says:

Love it love it love all! Especially the curry. I would make the fried cauliflower steaks every day if it was in the house more often. Your biscuit recipe is to die for!

LaKeisha P says:

Ooh! You told the truth: “You don’t HAVE to eat vegetables if you’re a vegan; you can totally eat just processed junk food…BUT, if you want to be a HEALTHY vegan…”

Jenny Tran says:

great video <3

VintageJudie says:

These beginner vegan recipes are life cause im lazy 😂

lisa white says:

Soy causes the body create to much estrogen. That causes fibroid in females.

Savnut says:

I love all your food videos everything looks just so good keep it uppp

Veggy Sephy says:

New Vegan here! Loving the idea of Lentil meatballs and sweet potato burgers! Those are being made this week!

Erin Bullard says:

Agreed that a curry is easy and delicious. Jenné's tikka masala is 👌🏻👌🏻 and of course her fried "chicken" recipes are da bomb! So great when craving. I just made fried "chicken" and biscuits the other day and it's mouth watering. Sometimes I have difficulty getting the fried coating to stay but it's still delicious!

A good soup/stew! My fav soup is French onion and it was super easy to veganize

I also made a vegan lechón for Christmas using jackfruit –very very very easy and yummy!

Ron M says:

Thank you. 😊

Jan Tranceberg says:

Nobody needs veganism, quite the opposite.

Lance Wise says:

Vegan Mac amd cheese was the gateway drug for me…it was so great when I made my first batch on my own. It was the dish that made me think that I could do this.

Belinda ahealthyblueprint says:

I love your videos! I tried the fried "chicken" and waffles using oyster mushrooms and the first batch came out great (the rest too soggy for some reason lol) but I'll keep on trying! Thanks for sharing your content 💚

mel unfiltered says:

i've been mostly eating plant based for a couple years but this january i decided to commit to a vegan diet 100% for the first time. i've been following you for so long and just wanted to say that you play a huge part in my journey 🙂

Juanita Pierce says:

Yes…..More breakfast please! With an emphasis on savory 😊

Luis Reyes says:

If it weren’t for this channel I would be eating nothing but canned soup

Lily W says:

Yes- please do a vegan breakfast recipe video! Breakfast foods are the BEST! Love your channel and your dress!

korwaa1 says:

You look gorgeous!!!I will not go vegan but I will definitely try some of these to add more veggies to my diet.

Malia Jade, Music Theorist says:

Thank you! Subscribed ❤️

Charlie 502 says:

You are my dream woman! Beautiful black and vegan!

fancybeauty says:

First of all you look lovely. I like that you’re giving us recipes that won’t leave us starving. I’m not vegan but would like to incorporate some vegan meals in my life. Thank you for helping. ☺️

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