BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Nachos w/ Eggplant Cheese (Vegan)

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I made homemade bbq pulled jackfruit, homemade vegan cheese sauce (out of eggplant!), baked corn tortilla chips, and mango salsa for the most epic nachos of life.

//Eggplant Queso by Minimalist Baker:

//Baked oil-free tortilla chips:

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// c o n t a c t

// m u s i c

// i n f o
filmed with:
canon eos rebel t5i
sony a5100

edited with:
final cut pro

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Samuel Rodriguez says:

😮😮😮 damn you just keep surprising me! This looks scrumptious….🤤🤤🤤

Insult •the comic• inc says:

That famous little green tin can of jackfruit is “seeing its hay day” with a can or two in every consumer’s pantry!

rachelsvlogs says:

damn, hours though?

thelma figueroa says:


thelma figueroa says:

I have a question. Can I use the eggplant in place of the potato in the vegan mac n cheese recipe? BECAUSE the white potato is VERY STARCHY and my son has diabetes

Jo Dunlap says:

Sarah, you’re a teeny tiny little culinary genius… not kidding. Jo

Mrs. H. says:

Yummy!! ☺👍👍

Jason Crawford says:

Discovered your channel a month or so ago and this week have seen multiple episodes and I must say you’re the real deal. There are so many good looking recipes that you’ve done so far and it’s cool to see many are oil free. Keep up the great work! We really do appreciate and value your work.

Natalie Cashin says:

Looking forward to trying the eggplant cheese – I'm so done with Cashews at the moment…. I've eaten way-way too many… 🙂

Sleek S says:

Always making me hungry 😁

Lynette Strickland says:

I wonder how the cheese sauce would taste if made from zucchini instead of eggplant? I love eggplant, but think zucchini has a more neutral taste.

Thrifty Business says:

Finally made my own jackfruit tacos using this method and my goooooodness, you are onto it! So caramelised and delicious. Eggplants are in season over here in New Zealand so cant wait to try the queso dip. Thanks for always making amazing, healthy food achievable and cost effective ❤️🌱

Mugduhlena Kuzluwskae says:

Omfg if there was a vegan restraunt that served this in this portion size near me is go there every time i could afford it 😍

Elena Richardson says:

Tried it, it was so good!!!

Edith Oh says:

I think I messed up. My cheese tastes like curry. And the color is different. It’s more of a mustard curry color. What happened????? It tastes good though.

Dr TeeBird says:

I was hoping that this recipe didn’t have nutch!! Ughh. Im gonna have to try without it

Edith Oh says:

Ok that looks amazing. Question: the eggplant cheese and the cashew sour cream, how long can you keep it before it expires. Just thinking about making a huge batch.

Nickie Gray says:

Love this, thanks for sharing.

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