Baked Vegan Mac & Cheese with Crispy Topping

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When my sister and I get together we often make Mac and Cheese. This week Kaija was on fall break, so I wanted to make her favorite comfort food while she was home. However, this time we made it with a new twist. We adding a wonderful crispy topping, which takes this dish to a totally new level. Hope you enjoy it as much as Kaija and I do:)

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Rebecca Blythe says:

Oh my gosh the crispy breaded topping! And the beautiful silky looking cheese sauce! Can’t wait to try this. Is there a nut free substitution for the cashews?

Tim Bennett says:

I HAVE to make this; love the videos with your family and friends included.

Klent Campbell says:

Where will your restaurant be??

Michael Miller says:

KAIJA! It is so amazing to see you again – this guy out here in YouTube land has missed you 🙁

I love vegan mac and cheese. This recipe looks amazing!

Quick question though: how many kitchens do y'all have? I think this is the third one I've seen since the beginning? 😂

Mina Morkos says:

Mac and cheese 😎👌🎃🎃🎃🎃

Rachel says:

Oooo, this looks delicious and y'all are so adorable together.

Haeley Meinhardt says:

This looks so good! 😁

Linda Lepage says:

Oh. My. Stars! Yup, I'm officially hungry now! I think we are having this Mac n cheese this week!! Thank you! And it's good to see you and your sister together!

Audra Smith says:

OMGOSH y’all are too cute!! Thank you for the video! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

Butterfly Love says:

Always love your vegan recipes; yay!! 🌱🌱🌱 I must try this one. I love your temporary kitchen. The warm colored dark wood in the background is soothing on the eyes. Blessings to you, all!! Happy plant cooking!!

Julie Orellana says:

Awww 🥰 I love to see Kaija back!! And I LOVE macaroni and cheese!!! This is sooo mouthwatering 😋 I may have said this before, but I wish I was behind the camera, ready to be the sampler of your delicious food! 😂😋❤️

RainaR says:

I’m definitely making this soon, it looks so good🥰

MrJohn says:

So delicious, I hope your future vegan restaurant has all these recipes😀, Thanks Chef Ani ❤

Gaming Master says:

It looks delicious, made by love, by two beautiful ladies <3

Keep going anni, you can become a very famous Chef ! My name is Charaf by the way. 😀

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