Bacouple Eats Vegan Ramen in Tokyo おいしいビーガンラーメン

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T’s たんたん →



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Taya Nakamura says:

Duncan is so cute!

CC lion says:

this ramen shop is best!

Ashley Langdon says:

I need to stop watching food videos. It always makes me hungry for food I can't get near me. Thanks for sharing!

Polka and Japan says:

I am so happy to have found this video (^o^)/ I really wanted to eat some ramen and have failed to find a place that has vegan/ vegetarian options. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

Ru Ha says:


JCD Bionicman says:

As far as u know, is this place still there?

Cookies90 says:

I love spicy food, thanks for the Video 🙂

Alicia Latour says:

thanks guys so much ! already creating a bucket list !

Anela says:

duncan dosent eat meat?

okinoboo says:

it looks so good !

Yaya says:

planning to go there next weekend!

ばゆ says:


kuro taisen says:

T_T ooh finally a joy.. grazie, doomo.. thank you T_T

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