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Amazing semi homemade vegan dessert recipes! Easy, plant-based, dairy free vegan desserts you have to try! Recipe below 🙂
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Vegan Coconut Cream Pie Recipe:

Summer Berry Parfaits:

Brown Sugar Spoon Cake:

How to make Vegan Whipped Cream:

How to bake without eggs and dairy. Easy swaps:

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Family-Style Vegan Baked Ziti Recipe:


lea sugar says:

just sent this to my fellow cake-loving, vegan friend!

CBD IsLife says:

love your videos but omg…. must you always say "nicole.,..also known as nikkivegan" umm DUH everyone knows nikki is short for nicole. LOL

Yotil says:

Great videos and recipes on this channel. Do you use Adobe Premiere to edit them?

Erin DeyArmond says:

I wonder how the pie would be with coconut cream flavored pudding instead of vanilla, too much coconut? 🤔

Tammy Masson says:

I am so going to try these recipes! I've never had spoon cake, and I can't wait to try it! 🥰

Elizabeth Coburn says:

I need to try all of these ASAP!

Katelyn Lauren says:

These look delicious !

abc def says:

I'm pretty sure your grandma would be more than proud 😉

Tracie Helfrich says:

They all look delish I'm gonna have to try them for sure! Thanks for shareing love the little tips as well.

Kareema Suleiman says:

i want to make all these!

Rand J says:

I love your videos 😍

Lauren Whetsel says:

I HAVE to try that spoon cake 😍

Stephanie says:

Ok that last one 😍😍 definitely trying it

Liv Vegan Strong says:

That brown sugar spoon cake looks so delicious! Can't wait to try it out! 🙂

Mom of Two Kids says:


Laura Klein says:

I NEED to make that spoon cake 😍

Sharon Smith says:

All of these desserts looks amazing, perfect for quarantine!

Amber Lee says:

Every time your videos are released, I get so excited! They make my day ❤️

pranusha ravula says:

Awesome recipes….yumm,

Kim says:

These desserts do look amazing! Thank you so much for the great ideas! Just in time for the 4th of July and a small family gathering. Fruit parfait might have to be breakfast 🙂

alwaysneed2learn says:

I was JUST looking for some dessert recipes for my hubby! This is great! Although I spend (literally) hours in the kitchen daily (so I'm a VERY advanced baker), I so appreciate the way you explain the steps that I would consider intuitive. Your videos are SO helpful for both newbies and those who are further on the journey. Way to go!

Mrs Ashlie says:

This looks so 😋 yummy! That spoon cake though! Lol Wait…. what vegan ice cream 🍦 are you using 🤔

Angela Tillman says:

I think the peach cake will be my favorite.❤

Emilie Breault says:

Jello pudding is vegan ? Who knew ! 😮

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