Alkaline Vegan Cheesy Enchiladas – Dr. Sebi Approved Electric Recipes

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Alkaline Recipes Inspired by Dr Sebi’s Nutritional Guide

This is a delicious and simple Alkaline Electric recipe for Cheesy Enchiladas. You are going to love this recipe!

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Alkaline Cheese Recipe:

Alkaline Crepe Recipe:

Alkaline Marinara:

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Melanie Robinson says:

Is cilantro alkaline?


Fireeee Thank U

Akhidenor Favour says:

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Fraya Lawrence says:

I always love your videos straight to the point and you are an amazing cook!!!

TokyoDiimond says:

I made this today with half the recipe. My filling was tomato sauce with mushrooms, red & orange bell peppers, chickpeas, with some oregano. I used a regular vegan cheese I have instead. Man it turned out so good, super easy to make! Your recipes are some of the best I’ve seen on here, I recently got volume one of your cookbook 🙌🏾✨

Whitney Billups says:

Peace beautiful, what brand of spelt flour do you use?

Sara says:

Do you have the filling recipe?

d00dle BoB94 says:

Is their a way to show everything ?

Angele Persaud says:

That look so delicious 🥰

M C says:

What did you use for the filling?

d00dle BoB94 says:

Would love to see the whole process

Lindsey Martin says:

This looks delicious . Is this recipie in your e book? The filling ? Xx

Sis Raye says:

This food deserves to be on better than a plastic plate!!

Kimberly Barnes says:

I already hv the sea moss gel, so I’d add the hemp milk to the gel, along with the seasonings and other ingredients with the instructions you’ve provided until the desired consistency…right? This is so exciting! Thank you!

Stephy ToBeCrown says:

Alkaline menu that includes 🤔cheese flour and cream😃really you gatta be kidding.Dr sebi really has approve such alkaline recipe yes you are right over his dead body indeed he has

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